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Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Joe Green (Joel Edgerton) are a pair of wannabe parents. They have tried everything to no avail. After being told there is no hope, they reach rock bottom and create a list of attributes for their perfect child. They put it them in a box and bury them. That night a freak storm hits their house and shortly after they discover that they now have a son by the name of Timothy. This son seems to have come from the ground and even has leaves growing from his legs. Timothy then proceeds to help people around him grow and make things better everywhere he goes. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an odd, but cute, little story.

Picture and Sound:

The Odd Life of Timothy Green look and sound great. The colors were pretty. The picture was crisp. It looked how I expect a blu-ray presentation to look. The sound was equally well done. The number one rule for sound with me is that it shouldn’t be distracting. Thankfully, this movie abides by that rule. This movie doesn’t really have a lot of opportunity to really showcase surround but the couple of moments when that was a possibility… it met the challenge.

Bonus Features:

There were several bonus features included with The Odd Life of Timothy Green. First off, there is an Audio Commentary with director Peter Hedges. He also was the writer. This is Family is a Hedges centric making of featurette. The Gift of Music goes into the music behind the film with Composer Geoff Zanelli and Musician Glen Hansard. There are also six Deleted Scenes. Finally, the last bonus feature is a Music Video entitled The Gift by Glen Hansard.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a charming and odd little movie. It has a movie that has fantasy elements but really is geared more for adults. It really is a collection of stories about Timothy that are bound together over through an overall plot line. I personally thought it was a cute movie and I could see how it could definitely cause some viewers to need a tissue. However, it just didn’t blow me away. It was cute but not amazing. So with that, I’ll give it a small hat nod.



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