Kurt Russell Tells Christmas Story at Disneyland

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Kurt Russell - Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony 2012

Kurt Russell visited the Disneyland Resort last night to tell the Christmas story as a part of the 20 days of the Candlelight Ceremony at the Disneyland Resort. He is the second in a series of narrators that will be narrating the Candlelight Ceremony at Disneyland this year. The first narrator was Dennis Haysbert who ended up completing one of four ceremonies throughout the course of the weekend. The rest were cancelled due to rain.

Here is video of Kurt Russell narrating the Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony:

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If sources are correct, there have been a couple of changes to the lineup up narrators as well:

Dec. 3-5: Kurt Russell (actor and Disney Legend)
Dec. 6-8: Edward James Olmos (actor)
Dec. 9-11: Lou Diamond Phillips (actor)
Dec. 12-13: Dick Van Dyke (actor and Disney Legend)
Dec. 14: Dennis Haysbert (actor)
Dec. 15-16: Patricia Heaton (actress)
Dec. 17-19: Molly Ringwald (actress)
Dec. 20: John Stamos (actor)