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THE TIGGER MOVIE: Bounce-a-RRRific Special Edition tells the story of Tigger searching for his family. The  movie begins as many Winnie the Pooh stories do but then Tigger interrupts and we find him wanting more attention. This leads to a story that isn’t about Winnie the Pooh and is instead, as the title suggests, about Tigger. Tigger is searching for his family and this movie chronicles that search in a charming way that is consistent with the Winnie the Pooh stories we all know and love. It should also be noted that this is the first full length animated feature for the characters of Winnie the Pooh.

Picture and Sound:

THE TIGGER MOVIE: Bounce-a-RRRific Special Edition looks and sounds terrific. . . yes, I used that word. The movie was originally released in 2000 so there is a quality level there that makes this movie a joy to watch and listen to. I have no complaints about the picture or sound for this movie and can easily give it a hat tip.

Bonus Features:

There were a few enchanting bonus features included with this movie.

  • A Tigger Tale – This is basically a look at what went into developing this movie. It includes interviews with Richard Sherman, director Jun Falkentstein, producer Cheryl Abood, art director Toby Bluth, and animator Jeff Johnson.
  • Disney Intermission – A fun way to pause the movie.
  • 10 Mini Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – 10 Winnie the Pooh shorts.
  • “Round my Family Tree” Sing-Along Song – A sing-along song with Tigger.
  • Music Video “Your Heart Will Lead You Home” – Kenny Loggins music video.


THE TIGGER MOVIE: Bounce-a-RRRific Special Edition is an enchanting movie featuring the characters of the Hundred Acre Wood. I could go into everything that was done right for it but really what it comes down to is the feel. It feels right. It is the movie that one would expect for a Tigger movie. It is a definitely must for any Winnie the Pooh fans and I easily give it a hat tip.





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