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This morning Disney Legend Alice Davis received a window on Main Street, USA at Disneyland. During a window dedication this morning, the window was unveiled right next to her husband Marc Davis’ window above Disneyana on the East side of Main Street, USA.

The ceremony began with the Dapper Dans singing as people entered the area. They then introduced President of the Disneyland Resort George Kalogridis by singing Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah. President Kalogridis welcomed the guests and then explained the painted windows found around Main Street, USA and how they honor special people from the Walt Disney Company. He then introduced Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts Tom Staggs. Mr. Staggs then gave tribute to Ms. Davis by sharing about her historic career with the Walt Disney Company. He explained how Marc Davis called Alice Davis to make a costume for Briar Rose for Sleeping Beauty. “It turned out that the costume was exactly what he was looking for… and so was Alice,” Staggs quipped. He then continued to share about Ms. Davis’ collaboration with Mary Blair on It’s a Small World and then her work on the costumes for Pirates of the Caribbean, General Electric’s Carousel of Progress, and Flight to the Moon before being named a Disney Legend in 2004.

Staggs then continued by thanking Davis for her contributions before being interrupted by a group of pirates who had escaped from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. They were looking for Alice Davis. This humorous band of pirates eventually found her and requested new threads. They explained they wouldn’t be able to pay with anything other than a song. This lead to them singing a modified version of Yo, Ho (A Pirates Life For Me) that gathered several hearty laughs and applause.

Tom Staggs then introduced Mickey Mouse, who with George Kalogridis, unveiled the new window dedicated to Alice Davis. The inscription says “Small World Costumer – Alice Davis – Seamstress to the Stars.” Alice Davis was then invited up to the podium to deliver a few remarks to a standing ovation. She started by sharing that “the greatest thing you can have in your life are good friends” and how touched she was that all her friends were there to share this special event with her.

All things good, you have to wait awhile for.” She then went on to explain about how she wished to have the empty window next to Marc Davis’ window. She went on to continue by sharing how blessed she was with her life and her friendships. “Thank you for being a joy to me for all my life,” she said to her friends seated in front of her.  She was then presented with a replica of the Window by Mickey Mouse, Staggs, and Kalogridis.  Her remarks that followed brought a tear to Mickey’s eye and a heart warming applause from the audience. The ceremony ended with the Dapper Dans singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” as they surrounded Ms. Davis.

A dedicated window on Main Street, USA is a high honor for anyone in the Walt Disney Company. Alice Davis and her husband Marc Davis will now be seen next to each other anytime anyone looks up at the windows above Disneyana.

Here is the full photo gallery from the Alice Davis Window Dedication Ceremony:

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