Rain Comes to Disneyland

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Yesterday, rain came to the Disneyland Resort. This disrupted presentations of A Christmas Fantasy Parade, Believe… In Holiday Magic fireworks, Fantasmic! and more. While some of these shows were simply cancelled with nothing replacing them, this was not true for A Christmas Fantasy Parade.  In its place, Mickey’s Christmas Rainy Day Cavalcade made its way up and down the parade route.

Mickey’s Christmas Rainy Day Cavalcade is a short cavalcade consisting of two cars and an omni bus, all from the Main Street vehicles fleet. The first car carried Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. As they made their way down the route to the upbeat music based around It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, they waved to those who were brave enough to stand in the rain for a glimpse of Santa and company. The second car carried the big cheese Mickey Mouse himself with Minnie accompanying him. The cavalcade ends with the omni bus which was packed to the gills with characters ranging from Pluto to many favorite princesses to Jiminy Cricket.

Mickey’s Christmas Rainy Day Cavalcade is no A Christmas Fantasy Parade. It is however an enchanting ray of sunshine for a rainy day. The music is upbeat, fun, and radiates Disney magic as it travels the parade route.


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