Disneyland Remembers Veterans

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Two weeks ago, Disneyland remembered veterans past and present who serve this country to keep it safe. Shortly before 5:00 PM, Town Square was packed as people gathered to honor veterans. Soon the sound of drums could be heard in the distance as the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band marched down Main Street, USA. They were accompanied by 108 cast members who also happen to be veterans.

The band stopped in front of Main Street Train Station and were joined by the Dapper Dans at the flagpole and the Disneyland Security Honor Guard. The Dapper Dans began by leading a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The ceremony included recognition of each branch of the military service. This was done with a medley played by the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band that included the theme songs for each branch. When the theme song for each service was played, members of that service were invited to come forward and stand at the flagpole. The National Anthem was then played as the flag was lowered. The band then played Stars and Stripes Forever as the flags were folded. The ceremony concluded with everyone singing God Bless America.

Daily, Disneyland’s patriotic flag retreat is always a beautiful ceremony. On November 11, 2011 this ceremony took on even more meaning and beauty with the added grandeur added for this special day. Walt Disney was very proud of America and a very patriotic man. The Flag Retreat Ceremony continues to share the legacy of Walt Disney’s love of America  daily in Town Square at the Disneyland Resort.


If you would like to see the Flag Retreat Ceremony please consult the Disneyland daily schedule guide, disneyland.com, or ask a cast member.


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