Disneyland Paris Takes Halloween Seriously, Here Are Some Fun Factoids

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Disneyland Paris takes Halloween seriously. They go all out to make guests Halloween experience at the resort, spooktastical! Here are a few fun factoids about all that is Halloween at Disneyland Paris:

Cast in the “Disney’s Maleficious Halloween party “ show:

  • A total of 31 performers on stage:
  • Maleficent
  • Dr Facilier
  • Queen of Heart
  • Snow White Queen
  • Snow White Witch
  • Jafar
  • Captain Hook
  • M Smee
  • Cruella Devil
  • 4 Disney Villains incl. Dr Facilier
  • 4 Disney Villains incl. Dr Facilier / Heart cards
  • 4 tarots cards
  • 4 dragons ladies
  • 4 Parrots

Cast in the « Mickey’s Halloween Treat in the Street!»

  • A total of 18 performers on stage :

o    Scarecrow MC

  • o    Mickey
  • o    Minnie
  • o    Donald
  • o    Daisy
  • o    Chip
  • o    Dale
  • o    Goofy
  • o    8 scarecrows
  • o    2 attendants


Show: Disney’s Maleficious Halloween Party

The villains are back! A new wind is blowing our way bringing The Jafar Boys in their oriental tunics of blazing red and golden lame, fifteen new costumes,140 hours of work and turbans from a renowned French milliner combine to make a breathtaking display of costumes

Ready to outshine even Cruella Deville, the Dalmatian Boys make their debut in sumptuous Dalmatian fake fur, tailored to perfection by an expert using over 150 m of Dalmatian style fur
Show: Mickey’s Halloween Treat in the Street!

A dose of bright colour and a wicked touch of naughtiness for our VIP’s this Halloween

Mickey splendid, in his tailcoat of night blue satin has a hint of vampire, a bat shaped bow tie completes his look

Minnie is a super sorceress in pink and orange, her bodice of raw silk and velvet has a trimming made especially in Japan and her skirt is cut with six different sizes of organza panels

Donald is a little devil in vibrant orange satin, and daisy’s orange dress has a pattern of bats each one applied by hand

Goofy is lots of fun in his skeleton costume made of poliane which gives a surprising 3d effect to the costume

Chic scarecrows complete our merry band of ‘trick and treat’ers their jackets decorated with straw and topped with a bright green hat took 150 meters of raw silk, 400 meters of satin, 100 meters of lame and more than 600 hours of work.
Flowers :

More than 400m2 of flowers and 600m2 of lawn

  • ·         2 planters Station Plaza
  • ·         7 planters Town Square + 8 suspensions
  • ·         Planters Boarding house
  • ·         16 Main Street lamposts on both sides of each lampost
  • ·         Casey’s Corner planters
  • ·         4 planters Central Plaza
  • ·         43 suspensions around the Hub
  • ·         Lawn on 4 planters
  • ·         Planters all the way long to the state control of Castle stage


Sculpted Mickey head pumpkins : 

  • ·         25 pumpkins of 50 cm
  • ·         15 pumpkins of 80 cm
  • ·         1 pumpkins height :466 x 472 cm, weight : 2.5 T

Trick or Treats:

  • ·         300 000 distributed Haribo candies during Halloween season
Disneyland Paris knows how to do Halloween right. Seeing a few of these facts shows how much effort goes into making a spooky Disney experience for all who come to that happy place!