Shopping for Treasure at the Disney Parks

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Shopping. After eating, it may very well be my favorite activity (which is why grocery stores check off a lot of boxes for me). Finding the perfect doohickey or doodad can be the best way [...]

How To Propose at a Disney Park

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So. The time has come to pop the big question to your significant other. First off, congratulations! As a member of the married elite, I commend you on finding someone worthy of committing your life [...]

Coffee Tasting 101 – A Geeks Guide to Tasting & Enjoying Coffee

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Coffee Tasting 101 Coffee is a favorite at DAPs Magic and also Geeks Corner. Anyone who has watched Geeks Corner through the years or has followed me on instagram knows... I love coffee. On [...]

You’ve Been Forced Into It: Preparing to Watch Star Wars for the First Time

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Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope So. You’ve finally decided to watch Star Wars. Maybe your social circle is excited for the new films, and you don’t want to be left in [...]