Happy Birthday, Goofy!

GoofyMay 25, 1932 was the date of the debut of an unforgettable character.  Dippy Dawg was someone that stole the show in the cartoon short Mickey’s Revue.  He became popular through his short appearance and became Goofy thereafter.

Pinto Colvig first voiced the dog character, and in today’s times it is Bill Farmer that has taken up the mantle.  Goofy has had award-winning cartoon shorts, and beloved films.  One popular movie is A Goofy Movie, which also starred Goofy’s son, Max.  It is something to say about the character when Mickey Mouse has not even had his own full length feature.

Another memorable and treasured place Goofy has had is in Goof Troop, which was a Disney Afternoon show.  This also had Max in it, as well as Pete and his family.  Other series of famous cartoons include the How To series, which featured a narrator explaining what Goofy was doing.  Sports Goofy shorts have also been produced.

The World According to Goofy parade was in Disneyland in 1992 for his 60th birthday.  Today in the parks, Goofy can be seen around in almost every theme park.

He has been a beloved and entertaining character for over 80 years now, and continues to warm hearts.  His voice and laugh are unforgettable.  His cartoons are some of the most entertaining.  And who can resist his loud and vivacious scream as he often hurtles through the air because of some comedic blunder.  Goofy is one of the most endearing characters ever created, and we hope he has a very happy birthday!

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