Disney Releases Trailer for A WRINKLE IN TIME

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During the American Music Awards, Disney released a trailer for its upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time. The film, which comes out March 9th, is based off the book of the same name. Watch the [...]

Disney Releases New Poster for A WRINKLE IN TIME

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Disney has released a new poster for its upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time. The film stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Storm Reid, Zach Galifianakis, and Chris Pine. A new trailer for this [...]

Disney Releases First Look at A Wrinkle in Time at D23 Expo

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FIRST LOOK AT TEASER TRAILER AND TEASER POSTER FOR DISNEY’S A WRINKLE IN TIME Take a look at the teaser trailer and teaser poster for Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” which just debuted moments ago at [...]

Wonder Woman Brings The Wonder Back to Comic Book Movies (Spoiler Free Review)

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Wonder Woman, DC's newest addition to its cinematic universe releases officially this week on Friday, June 2nd. Recently there has been a lot of judgment against the DC Cinematic Universe (I'm not innocent of this [...]

The Finest Hours – Mr. DAPs Home Theater Review

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Based on a true story, The Finest Hours tells the story of the greatest small-boat rescue in the history of the United States Coast Guard. After a storm rips a T-2 oil tanker in half, [...]

Walt Disney Studios Shares New “The Finest Hours” Clips

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In less than two weeks, Disney's latest action-packed film, The Finest Hours, will splash into theaters. Watch as actors Chris Pine and Casey Affleck bring this true life heroic rescue to the big screen. A heroic action-thriller, “The [...]

Idris Elba Eyed as Villain for Star Trek 3

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Idris Elba Eyed for Villain Role in Star Trek 3 It appears that Idris Elba is being eyed as the villain for Star Trek 3. Sources are telling Variety that the English actor [...]

3rd Star Trek Into Darkness Clip – “I Allow It”

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The third Star Trek Into Darkness clip has been released and this one is definitely getting into the darkness. Here it is: So what do you think? Every clip I see from Star Trek Into Darkness just pulls me in further. I dont’ want to get my hopes up too …

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