Carnation Cafe is a table-service restaurant located on Main Street, USA in Disneyland park. The restaurant is designed in a charming Victorian style and offers a menu of classic American comfort food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

For breakfast, guests can enjoy classic dishes like buttermilk pancakes, waffles, and breakfast sandwiches, as well as some unique options like the famous Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles.

For lunch and dinner, the menu includes a variety of sandwiches, salads, burgers, and other American classics like meatloaf and fried chicken. Guests can also enjoy some vegetarian and vegan options, such as the plant-based burger.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the Chicken Fried Chicken, which is brined in a mixture of lemon juice, buttermilk, and garlic before being fried to crispy perfection and served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Another favorite is the Walt’s Chili, a hearty bowl of beef and beans served with cornbread.

Carnation Cafe also offers a selection of desserts, including the famous Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets and the old-fashioned ice cream sundae. Guests can enjoy their meals either inside the restaurant or outside on the covered patio, which offers views of Main Street, USA and is a great spot for people-watching.