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The Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction is an original ride located in the Fantasyland section of Disneyland. It is based on the beloved character of Dumbo, the flying elephant from Disney’s animated movie of the same name.

The attraction features a collection of Dumbo flying elephant ride vehicles, each of which is suspended from a central hub and can be raised or lowered by guests using a lever inside the ride vehicle. As the ride begins, the Dumbo vehicles begin to rise and spin around the central hub, giving riders a bird’s-eye view of Fantasyland.

The attraction is set against a backdrop of bright, colorful circus tents and joyful music, creating a fun and playful atmosphere for riders. The ride duration is around two minutes and it can accommodate up to two riders per Dumbo vehicle, making it a popular choice for families and young children. The Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction has been a fixture at Disneyland since its opening in 1955 and remains beloved to this day.