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Indiana Jones Adventure is a popular attraction located in Disneyland’s Adventureland, based on the Indiana Jones film series. It is a dark ride that takes visitors on a simulated archaeological adventure through a temple ruin in the fictional Lost Delta region of India. The ride opened in 1995 and has since become a fan favorite.

After entering the temple, visitors board a rugged, jeep-like vehicle that takes them on a high-speed, turbulent ride through a variety of environments, including underground passages, narrow bridges, and treacherous paths. Along the way, visitors encounter animatronic creatures and obstacles, such as snakes, spiders, and collapsing bridges, that simulate the dangers of an archaeological expedition. The ride features realistic special effects, such as mist, fire, and smoke, that add to the immersive experience.

The storyline of the ride involves Indiana Jones himself, who is on a quest to retrieve the Fountain of Youth. Along the way, visitors encounter many references to the Indiana Jones movies, such as the famous boulder chase scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The ride’s queue also features many props and artifacts from the films, as well as interactive elements, such as puzzles and traps.

Overall, Indiana Jones Adventure is a thrilling and immersive ride that transports visitors into the world of Indiana Jones, allowing them to experience the excitement and danger of an archaeological expedition in a safe and controlled environment. It is a must-visit attraction for fans of the Indiana Jones movies and anyone seeking an adventure at Disneyland.