Rogers: The Musical

‘Rogers: The Musical’ on 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! It’s hard to believe it but one year ago today, fans of Captain America were getting to see the star spangled man with a plan sing and dance on the stage at Disney California Adventure. Rogers: The Musical was in the midst of its run at the Hyperion Theater.  The show was built off of the scene in the Disney+ series Hawkeye with the song Save the City. This became an instant hit. Rogers: The Musical also became quite popular as it told the story of Steve Rogers.

One year ago today on the 4th of July, Daps Magic team member Angela was at the Disneyland Resort. Among the variety of things she filmed on this day as part of Daps Magic’s Independence Day coverage was Rogers: The Musical. It seems only fitting to revisit that video once again today on the birthday of the United States.

Rogers: The Musical – 4th of July

Rogers: The Musical tells the story of Steve Rogers’ journey as Captain America, including, of course, his time with Nick Fury and the Avengers. The most important part of this story though is the love story between Steve and Peggy Carter. All of this happens in a quick 30 minute show. Along with Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, and Peggy Carter, there were also other members of the Avengers in the show.

The run of Rogers: The Musical in Disney California Adventure last summer was a welcome one. The show was a lot of fun. It fit in well with Avengers Campus next war. It had a positive story and message and a great soundtrack. It was also a welcome relief from the heat of the summer. While there is nothing currently at the Hyperion Theater, there is always hope that something like Rogers will return, or something new!

Happy 4th of July! We hope you enjoy this look back at this musical from last 4th of July!