Star Trek: Prodigy

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Gets Netflix Release Date

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the future of Star Trek: Prodigy. This Star Trek series ended with quite a bit of hope for the future at the end of its first season. Then, the future of the series itself began to look in doubt. It was then picked up by Netflix and the second season was set to arrive in 2024… when in 2024 was the big question, however. This question has now been answered!

Netflix will premiere the second season on July 1, 2024. What isn’t known at this point is how much of the season will debut on that day. It could be all 20 episodes or perhaps have new episodes released on a weekly basis. The good news is that there is a date to look forward to for the return of this series.

For those who haven’t seen Prodigy yet, or just want to refresh themselves on the first season, it can be currently seen on Netflix. It was released on the streaming service on Christmas Day last year. The synopsis for the first season is as follows:

After discovering an abandoned Starfleet ship, a ragtag crew of young adventurers unites to explore the galaxy and evade a ruthless overlord.

If this second (and first) season does well on Netflix. This could open the door for more of the series on Netflix. While it doesn’t have a future at Paramount+ anymore, there are always possibilities if it is beneficial for Netflix to continue this story.

Are you excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy arriving on Netflix in July? Have you seen the first season? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!