Haunted Mansion Holiday

Haunted Mansion Reopening Timeline Revealed by Disneyland Resort

Halloween Time returns to the Disneyland Resort on August 23rd and continues through October 31st. This year’s haunted holiday celebration will see the return of some classic offerings and also some new things as well! One of the most anticipated returns is that of the Haunted Mansion Holiday! Since it closed after the holidays earlier this year, it has been behind magic walls. Behind those walls, there have been people hard at work expanding the Haunted Mansion grounds for its new queue and shop.

There has been plenty of speculation about when the Haunted Mansion would be reopening. Today, Disney announced that it will be for Halloween Time. On top of that, when it does reopen, there will be a virtual queue utilized for guests who want to experience the attraction. This will be the only way to experience the attraction. When it reopens, Jack Skellington will have decked the halls and the mansion will be in its Haunted Mansion Holiday form.

With the return of Haunted Mansion Holiday also means there will be the massive gingerbread house returning! Disney gave a sneak peek at what could be coming for this annual tradition ahead of its arrival later this summer. See it here:

While this doesn’t show the entire gingerbread house that will be appearing in the dining room of the Haunted Mansion, it does give some ideas as to what could be coming! This will give fans plenty of time to imagine and speculate about what the full gingerbread house will look like. Do you have any ideas?

Haunted Mansion Expansion

Currently, the grounds of Haunted Mansion are being worked on to expand the queue, which will be enhanced and more immersive. It will continue the story and lore of the Haunted Mansion outside of the Haunted halls and walls. There will also be a new stand-alone shop at the exit of this beloved attraction as well. The legend behind the Haunted Mansion that this now haunted manor was once built by a prosperous sea captain. Now, years later, the mansion’s staff continue to maintain the happy haunting grounds. The new expanded queue will be tying into these stories along with some others. There will also be new gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madam Leota, and the one-eyed cat.

Haunted Mansion Expansion

At the exit of the Haunted Mansion, there will be a new shop. This will be in the form of the carriage house for the Haunted Mansion and will belong to Madame Leota. At this time, it is unknown when exactly this shop will be opening, along with the rest of the queue as well. Daps Magic will continue to follow developments on this story and provide them as they become available.

What do you think about Haunted Mansion returning as Haunted Mansion Holiday for Halloween Time? Are you looking forward to experiencing it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!