1 Month CHOC Walk in the Park

1 MONTH to CHOC Walk! Are You Ready to Walk?

One month from today thousands of people will be descending on the Disneyland Resort early in the morning to walk together and make a difference. The CHOC Walk is a 5k walk through Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. It raises funds and awareness for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). This is an organization that has been supported by Disney since its inception. In fact, Walt Disney himself was on the board of directors. The funds that are raised will help fund healthcare programs, education and research at CHOC.

1 Month to Go!

Team Daps Magic Always Has a Blast During CHOC Walk!

With just one month away, it is now time to really start moving and coming together to make a difference. There are few things more noble that we can do as a community than supporting children who need some sort of medical care by supporting this children’s hospital. I can only imagine how terrifying it is a for a family to have to take their child to a hospital. At CHOC, these children and their families are provided with care on a medical level. They are also provided care on a personal level. Children who stay at CHOC are treated like the children they are and get a chance to still be a child, and not just a patient. That support extends to the families through the community at CHOC, which I have seen first hand.

What World Do You Want?

There is a saying that every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world that we want to see. I would like to see a world where kids are never sick. That’s not realistic at this point. So second best, I’d like to see a world where when kids go to the hospital they have a reason to smile. This happens at CHOC. The people that work there and the volunteers who donate their time and efforts there, help make this a positive environment. Even Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sometimes show up to add some extra magic at CHOC! This is the kind of hospital and world I want to see. One that is making a positive difference and turning potentially scary situations into positive memorable ones.

CHOC Walk in the Park at the Disneyland Resort during Tropical Storm Hilary in 2023

CHOC Walk with Team Daps Magic

Every year, the CHOC Walk is always a fun experience. We walk through the park. We see Disney characters. Together, we make memories together as we make a difference. It only works though when people show up and when they support. Today, with one month away, it is not too late to join Team Daps Magic. It also isn’t to late support the team if you can’t join. There are perks that can be earned by raising different levels of support. One of the perks is free Disneyland Resort Park Hopper ticket. They are valid only on July 21, the day of the CHOC Walk. This is available for those that raise $350 or more. The fundraising perks can be found here.

Mr. Daps and Friends at CHOC Walk in the Park at the Disneyland Resort during Tropical Storm Hilary in 2024

Do you want. to wake up as close to the start of the CHOC Walk as possible? Do you want a place to stay at the end of the day? There are partner hotels with CHOC Walk rates. They can be found on the CHOC Walk website.

The rest of us will be meeting bright and early! Ok maybe not bright yet as it is often still dark, but we will be meeting nice and early! We’ll wearing fun hats and bright colors, as we represent Team Daps Magic and our commitment to helping make a positive difference in the world and supporting CHOC. We hope that YOU will help us honor this commitment. Daps Magic is all about Disney And Positive Stuff. There really isn’t an event that fits into all of these categories more appropriately than CHOC Walk.

If you would like to join or support Team Daps Magic, visit CHOCWalk.org/DapsMagic today! If you need more information, please ask away in the comments. I will either respond personally or find you any answers you might need! We would love to have you walk with us this year on July 21st. Are you ready to walk?