With the return of Fantasmic! also comes the return of dining packages for this long-running nighttime spectacular. On the opening night of Fantasmic!, Daps Magic was invited to experience the dining package Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante. This is a new dining package location for this show. This offering includes a meal and reserved seating area for $35 for adults and $25 for kids. The meal was at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante. There is a specific time for the reservation. Times are chosen during the booking process through the Disneyland App or website.

The entrance is to the left of the main entrance of the restaurant. You go through the dining area, past the water fountain, and then there is a cast member on your right who greets you just outside of the entrance to the checkout section by the entrance of the restaurant. This cast member will direct guests to the check-in location for the experience, which is inside the main restaurant serving room in the middle section. A station and queue is set up there to check in and then go up to the buffet to order the meal. Be sure to collect your Fantasmic! reserved section vouchers while getting your meal.

The meal includes an entree that comes with radish slaw, cilantro lime rice, potato salad, and refried beans. There is also a beverage of choice as well that includes fountain beverages, coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Finally, the meal includes dessert as well. The menu for adults and kids can be seen here:

The reserved viewing location for Fantasmic! is at the Rivers of America waterfront, just to the left of the center. The entrance for all dining package participants is by the Harbour Galley quick service restaurant, across from the Haunted Mansion. When the area opens, there is a pathway from that location over to each respective reserved section, with Rancho’s entrance coming first (the same spot as the Hungry Bear section used to be), then Blue Bayou’s in the center, and River Belle Terrace’s last, for a viewing area to the right of center. Cast Members are on hand to provide directions. The dining package vouchers must be shown to the attendant in order to enter the appropriate dining section, so it’s smart to have them handy. Once in the reserved area, it is ok to stand while waiting but it is a seating area during the show. If the ground is a bit hard to sit on, consider bringing a cushion or blanket.

Below is a look at the process of where to go for the Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurant Fantasmic! dining package. This video shows where to go and what it is like. Following that is a review of the experience!

Fantasmic! Dining Package Review – Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante



Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Mr. Daps: The sweet and spicy shrimp tacos were not only lovely to look at but delicious to eat. They did have a bit of a kick with the kimchi slaw on top. However, this was not too much. There are three tacos included with the meal. Each taco has a couple of tortillas, a couple of shrimp, and then the slaw that also included radish and cilantro. The balance of the tacos was really lovely. The radishes and cilantro weren’t overpowering and the shrimp was perfectly cooked. They were plump and juicy. The cilantro is a part of the mix so it basically comes with the meal. If you are one of the people who can’t handle cilantro, talk to the cast members and they will work with you. They will also work with dietary restrictions. Just communicate your dietary needs with a cast member and they will do their best to accommodate. Overall, I really enjoyed the sweet and spicy shrimp tacos. I would definitely get them again. I felt like they were an appropriate serving size and I was glad they weren’t too sweet or too spicy. They were very enjoyable.

Sweet and Savory Carne Asada with Radish Slaw

Angela: I was very impressed with the presentation of all the entrees, and the carne asada plate did not disappoint. Even before we got our food, I could see a Cast Member searing the steak on an open grill. The smell was mouth-watering! The entree included two generous strips of asada. In my opinion, the meat was cooked just right, chargrilled on the outside and around medium temperature inside. As a result, it was very tender and juicy. I was amazed that I could cut it with a butter knife! The sweet and savory flavor of the glaze was definitely where the Korean-Mexican inspiration of the menu shone through. The flavor was similar to teriyaki, but a little less sweet and more balanced. The radish slaw on top was a nice compliment, similar to the boost that chimichurri adds. It was actually more of a cilantro garnish than a true slaw. I only found a few thin slices of radish. I didn’t think either the radish or the cilantro was overwhelming, but I’m also a fan of both elements. If you’re not, the garnish would be easy to remove without hurting the overall flavor of the dish. I thought that the entree portion was just the right amount in proportion to the rest of the meal.


Cilantro-Lime Rice

Mr. Daps: I enjoyed the cilantro-lime rice. It was a good side in the fact that it didn’t overpower anything. It was nice and light. It is green but I didn’t really taste the cilantro. It also was really good with the refried beans with some lime squeezed on top (two slices of lime were included with the meal).

Angela: The cilantro-lime rice had a nice nutty flavor that meshed well with the other sides. The rice was fluffy and perfectly cooked. The cilantro flavor was not too strong. I especially liked the rice with a squeeze or two of the lime that is included on the plate. That acidity gave it the flavor bump it needed.

Korean Potato Salad

Mr. Daps: The Korean Potato Salad was another one of my favorite offerings with this meal. This salad was not at all what I expected. It was not heavy but instead made up of potatoes that were cut into small pieces, fresh corn, a little cucumber, and I think some carrots in a light sauce. The whole thing was fresh and refreshing. I would love to have this on a hot day as a part of a picnic. It was also a nice balance from the spiciness of the tacos. It really helped balance out the meal I thought.

Angela: Besides the carne asada, which was a home run, the Korean potato salad was my favorite bite of the night! I was not sure what to expect with this side, but it was a winner! The salad was made up of small cubes of tender potato, fresh corn kernels, bits of cucumber, and cooked carrot in a mildly creamy sauce. It was very fresh and provided a really nice counterpoint to the other tastes and textures in the meal. While some potato salads are too mayonnaise-forward for my preference, this one went a completely different direction. The overall flavor was light and a welcome diversion from a mostly traditional Mexican plate.

Refried Beans

Mr. Daps: The refried beans were a wonderful compliment to the rice I thought. They were creamy, had a tiny bit of spice to them, and also had some richness to it. They also had a nice weight to them. They didn’t just splash on the plate but held together nicely. This, coupled with their nutty flavor, really made for an enjoyable bite with the rice. Oh, and I liked the additional vibrance that came from squeezing the lime on these too. Yes, I basically put the lime on everything but the potato salad. It probably would have worked with that as well, though!

Angela: Refried beans can be almost an afterthought sometimes, as common as they are on many menus. However, I was very impressed with how carefully this recipe was crafted. The beans had a nice richness, body, and velvety quality to them. The flavor was perfectly balanced between salty, tangy, and nutty. I ended up enjoying them alone, together with the rice, and along with the carne asada, and they worked well I each case. I savored every bite!



Mr. Daps: This dessert was basically a nice white sheet cake with a raspberry filling in the middle, along with frosting and sprinkles. I am not always a huge sweets guy but found myself enjoying this dessert. It wasn’t overly sweet, the raspberry was a nice punch of brightness that contrasted to the cake and the frosting. I also thought it was a decent size, I don’t think I would have wanted it to be any bigger. I thought it was a nice way to finish the meal.

Angela: I find that, unfortunately, the dessert tends to be an afterthought on some dining package plates. Going with the theme of being pleasantly surprised, I found that the cortadillo was delightful. It is a white cake with a lovely raspberry filling and white frosting with sprinkles. The raspberry center lent the most prominent flavor, similar to a homemade jam bursting with berry goodness. The sponge was nicely moist and a perfect balance between fluffy and substantial. The portion was a decent size and filling.


Mr. Daps: I do like that it is self-serve drinks at Rancho del Zocalo. I like being able to pick how much or little ice goes in my cup before filling it, in this case with Diet Coke. There are quite a few options here, so odds are everyone will find something they like.

Angela: Instead of bottled soda or water, the Rancho del Zocalo package includes a fountain beverage of your choice. Rancho carries some interesting choices in their fountains, including Powerade and Cherry Coke, a personal favorite of mine. It’s good to note that refills are possible with the fountain beverage cups.

Fantasmic Dining Package Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante Disneyland 2024
Perhaps the best review of a meal is an empty plate.

Meal Thoughts:

Mr. Daps: I was very pleasantly surprised with this meal. I had already decided I was going to have the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Tacos. What I wasn’t sure of was how filling they would be. Sometimes shrimp tacos aren’t as filling it seems to me, depending on the size and amount of shrimp offered in the tacos. However, I found that I was comfortably full by the end of the meal. I also found that I really enjoyed the flavors that were included in the various offerings of the meal. I didn’t exactly know what Korean-Mexican fusion was going to be walking into the restaurant, I walked out of it ready to try more! I also found myself contemplating what I would get the next time I tried this menu… and then found myself conflicted because I’d also like to have those shrimp tacos again. I found the overall dining experience to be enjoyable and plan on doing it again.

Angela: At the end of the meal, I found myself happily full. The quality of the food was excellent and a step above many other dining package menus I have tried. I even think this menu is better than the standard offerings at Rancho del Zocalo, which are generally fantastic. I didn’t need to add any other seasonings or hot sauce to my food, which I normally do with the regular offerings at Rancho. Nothing on my plate was particularly spicy, but I still didn’t find the need to add any heat. The Korean-Mexican fusion was well executed, with the flavor profile being interesting enough for adventurous eaters but still familiar enough for more cautious ones. I would recommend this package for the food alone, even if it didn’t come with Fantasmic! viewing. I really don’t have any critiques! In the future, I would love to try some of the other entrees, since everything looked delicious.

Daps Magic's view for the reserved seating included with the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante dining package for Fantasmic!
Daps Magic’s view for the reserved seating, included with the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante dining package for Fantasmic!

Fantasmic! Reserved Seating Experience

Location of Seating

Mr. Daps: The location for Rancho del Zocalo’s Fantasmic! viewing is a pretty good one. Looking at the stage, it is center-left and provides a clear view of the action points. There is a light tower in between the Rancho section and the Blue Bayou section. If does block a little bit the opening moment of the Peter Pan segment and the Mark Twain moment at the end. This isn’t a huge deal and if you don’t want it in the way, sit further left in the section and it won’t be an issue at all. Another advantage of this particular section is that the area is sloped so every seat is a good one. It should be noted that it will completely fill up and while it isn’t jam-packed, it is fairly close quarters for everyone to sit there. If you want to choose your spot and be down front, arrive early so you can enter when they open the section.

Angela: I was pleased to see that the Rancho section was not overfilled on the night we went. There was enough space to sit comfortably and not feel squeezed. From what I could tell, everyone had a decent view of the show. Guests were already seated for the first performance by the time we arrived at 7:45 PM. If you want a particular spot, you may want to come even earlier. Guests were still arriving at around 8:30 PM, and although there were fewer open spots to choose from, the later arrivals seemed to be accommodated without a problem.

It should be noted that everyone in the reserved dining sections must sit on the ground during the show. It is fine to stand beforehand while everyone is assembling, but everyone will be asked to sit just before the performance begins. I recommend bringing a picnic blanket or seat cushion to make the ground a bit more comfortable. The bank slopes toward the water, so it is possible to have a good view even from the back. I actually recommend avoiding the very front, since the bars along the waterfront may detract from the view for the first row or two.

The view from the Rancho del Zocalo section was excellent. Although we were not dead center, it was still easy to view the entire performance. I didn’t feel that I missed any show elements or had a worse experience than I would have from another location. You really can’t beat being the first section by the water either.

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante

Service/Interactions with Cast Members

Mr. Daps: Throughout the entire experience, I was very impressed with all of the Cast Member interactions we had. They were clearly excited about the return of Fantasmic! (as were we), and really were doing everything they could to make the night magical. From the moment we were greeted at the restaurant, to the check-in process, getting food, checking out at the register, talking with the chef about cilantro, to all of the cast members working guest control along the Rivers of America, there was a sense of excitement and pride coming from the teams. Despite all of the craziness of the day as everyone was trying to get the best spot to see the return of this show, I saw Cast Members being kind and connecting with people in positive ways. This included simple greetings at one level and then getting crowds to cheer before the show at another. It really was a fun thing to watch and experience and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be very easy to fall into the habit of just showing up to do a job. It takes another level of dedication to show up with a big smile and then share it with others. I saw lots of that and I have to take my hat off to all the Cast Members who made a good night great!

Angela: Every Cast Member we encountered, either at the restaurant or at the viewing location, was the epitome of caring, helpful, and enthusiastic. I felt special and cared for. We were whisked through the line at the restaurant and directed efficiently at the show. On reopening day, a time that can be stressful for Cast Members and guests alike, I was amazed at how organized and calm everyone was. As a result, the guests using the dining package were noticeably more relaxed than the standby guests. The Cast Members really did a great job of projecting a sense of serenity to the guests that translated to a better experience for everyone!

Reserved viewing vouchers for Fantasmic! Dining Package at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
Reserved viewing vouchers for Fantasmic! Dining Package at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante

Convenience – Does it save time and/or anxiety?

Mr. Daps: There is a definite convenience factor that comes with a dining package for Fantasmic!. It helps one plan out their day at Disneyland. They know when they need to be and where. This means they can optimize the rest of the day built on the factors that are known i.e. dining reservations and show times. In this case, it worked out perfectly for us. Our dining reservations were at 7:00 PM. We showed up a few minutes early, enjoyed our meal, wandered over to the viewing area shortly before 8:00 PM, and then enjoyed chatting with friends around us until the show began at 9:00 PM. There was zero stress involved because we knew there would be a place to watch the show with a good view. We also didn’t have to worry about what the line would be like for our meal either. Overall, this experience did save both time and anxiety. This made for a much more relaxed first viewing of Fantasmic! for its return.

Angela: I can say without a doubt that the Rancho del Zocalo dining package saved us time and stress. We heard stories of the challenges standby guests had at securing a spot and the multiple hours they had to wait to maintain those spots. Just looking at how tightly packed the standing sections were behind us raised my blood pressure. In contrast, though, the dining package process was a total breeze. We had a leisurely dinner at the restaurant, enjoying our food and the ambiance. We didn’t feel rushed to get to the viewing location because we knew there would be space for us. We did decide to head over about 75 minutes before showtime but could have waited until later if we weren’t particular about our spots. As I said, there seemed to be plenty of room for everyone. Even the ability to sit during the show is a win in my book, since any chance to take the weight off of tired feet on a long park day is welcome. On this occasion, I felt that the dining package made the difference between my being able to relax and truly enjoy the show versus fighting through anxiety and discomfort.

Value – Worth the $35 charge?

Mr. Daps: The value proposition on things like dining packages are always something that is determined by what is valuable to the person paying for them. However, I really thought for this price, it was a really good deal. Here is my reasoning, a normal adult meal itself at Rancho ranges from approximately $12 – $14. Add a drink and dessert and the meal is now probably around $20 per person. I personally felt that the food was better than the normal offerings so this price would probably be a little higher. This leaves a $15 difference between the price of food with the show and without the show. For me, $15 is worth the ease of mind and lack of stress to have an unobstructed view of the show. The food was delicious and I walked away comfortably full, the view was great and not insanely crowded, and the entire experience was a positive one that I would do again.

The dining package from Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante is one of those things that I think is perfect for special occasions. It isn’t something I would do every time I’m at Disneyland. It’s great for a family vacation that has been planned and saved for, a special night out, or maybe even just a fun get-together with friends. One of the big advantages of it is the ability to make sure you are in the same viewing place with your entire party and the whole group can also see. This can be more difficult sometimes in standby. This allows for the ability to plan ahead and eliminate some of the variables of a day at Disneyland.

Angela: Theme parks can be expensive places, and up-charges can feel unwelcome. It’s important for most families to maximize dollars wherever possible. While purchasing a dining package can be seen as a luxury, I would argue that it’s a good bang for the buck. Especially in the case of the Rancho del Zocalo package, I think the $35 goes a long way.

I like to think about value in terms of the food, the viewing location, and the overall experience. Like I said above, I was very impressed with my meal. I truly enjoyed everything on my plate. I felt leaving satisfied, both with the amount of food and the quality and flavor of everything I ate. I could see paying $35 for the food alone.

As far as the view goes, a neighbor and I were commenting on what a good value the Rancho package is, since that section is just on the other side of a tape line from the Blue Bayou section but costs $35 instead of $89. It’s really hard to beat being right next to the action with Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the Columbia or the beloved characters on the Mark Twain as they sail just feet away. Being so close to the barges with King Louie, Belle and the Beast, Ariel and Eric, and Rapunzel and Flynn is also a treasured experience for me. Again, I’d say that the location alone (plus being able to sit down) would be worth the $35 price tag.

I’ve taken advantage of dining package options for Fantasmic! several times over the years, and I’ve always been glad I did. With Fantasmic! being such a well-loved show for so long, it always draws big crowds. The experience of a dining package takes the work and stress out of viewing it.

I think packages make the most sense for people who have a limited time to see the show or are trying to pack the most into their day. The ease of having your meal pre-planned and your viewing spot waiting for you has a value unto itself, since “time is money,” as they say. I can also see a lot of benefits for those who make seeing Fantasmic! a top priority and don’t want to risk missing out. People who want to avoid dealing with crowds or have anxiety over getting a decent spot will also love a dining package option.

So the question may be, “How does the new Rancho del Zocalo package compare with other options?” In my opinion, it shines. Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with any negatives. The $35 price tag is far below the $55 and $89 options at River Belle Terrace and the Blue Bayou, respectively. The food is top-notch and generous, especially for a quick service location. The viewing location is excellent and is worthy of an up-charge. The experience removes the hassle so that all is left is the fun.

If I had to cite a negative for some people, it would be the sitting requirement during the show. Those with limited mobility may have a harder time with this. But overall, I can’t recommend the new Rancho del Zocalo package enough! I hope that you’ll have a chance to try it out for yourself. If you do, please let us know what you thought!

Fantasmic! Dining Packages

Reservations for the dining packages for Fantasmic! can be made on the Disneyland website or the Disneyland app. Prices range from $35 to $89 for adults. There are options for dining packages from Blue Bayou Restaurant, River Belle Terrace, and Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante. The details about all of them can be found below. If you want to reserve a dining package, plan ahead and make the reservation as early as possible as they do fill up.

Blue Bayou Restaurant – Premium Package
Enjoy a 4-course lunch or dinner and receive a voucher admitting you to a separate reserved viewing location for your choice of one of the 2 Fantasmic! performances that evening.

For lunch and dinner, you can choose from a variety of delectable offerings, including:

  • Surf and Turf
  • Oscar-style Filet Mignon
  • Blackened Ribeye and Bourbon Shrimp
  • Gumbo
  • Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad
  • Strawberry and Pistachio Salad

And for dessert, enjoy a Fantasmic!-inspired chocolate decadence tart!

Guests will receive a souvenir item for nonalcoholic beverages.

A wine pairing option is available for an additional charge.

To book:

  • Select “Check Availability” on this page to reserve this dining package.

Availability is limited.

Package Pricing

  • Lunch: $89 per Guest (ages 10+); $35 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.
  • Dinner: $89 per Guest (ages 10+); $35 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.

There is a $10 upcharge for Guests ordering the Oscar-style Filet Mignon or Blackened Ribeye and Bourbon Shrimp.


  • Starting at 11:00 AM for lunch and 4:00 PM for dinner.

River Belle Terrace – Premium Package
Enjoy a 3-course dinner and the evening’s first performance of Fantasmic! right from your table on the outdoor terrace.

For dinner, choose dishes from the regular menu or from a Dining Package menu with specialty items, including:

  • Platter featuring Fried Chicken, Brisket and Pork Belly Burnt Ends
  • Pot Roast
  • Mashed Potatoes

And dessert!

To book:

  • Select “Check Availability” on this page to reserve this dining package.

Package Pricing

  • Dinner: $89 per adult; $45 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax and gratuity not included.


  • 7:15 PM dining reservation, outdoor seating only.

River Belle Terrace – Standard Package
Savor a delectable 3-course Southern-style meal for brunch or dinner and receive a voucher admitting you to a separate reserved viewing location for one of the 2 Fantasmic! performances that evening.

For brunch or dinner, choose dishes from the regular menu.

Enjoy menu items such as:

  • Loaded House Fries with Egg
  • Apple Pie Pancakes
  • Nashville Hot Chicken and Brisket Mac & Cheese Sandwich

And dessert!

Choose from a variety of menu options, including:

  • Nashville Hot Chicken and Brisket Mac & Cheese Sandwich
  • Pork Chop
  • Sustainable Fish

And dessert!

To book:

  • Select “Check Availability” on this page to reserve this dining package.

Availability is limited.

Package Pricing

  • Brunch: $55 per Guest (ages 10+); $30 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.
  • Dinner: $55 per Guest (ages 10+); $30 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.


  • Brunch: 11:00 AM to 3:55 PM
  • Dinner: 4:00 PM to 7:50 PM

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante – Standard Package
Feast on Mexican-Korean fusion style cuisine with a tasty 3-course meal for lunch or dinner and receive a voucher admitting you to a separate reserved viewing location for one of the 2 Fantasmic! performances that evening.

For lunch and dinner, your menu options are the same.

Adult Menu
Choose from an array of tasty entrees, including:

  • Chile Verde Riblet
  • Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Taco
  • Potato Tacos (plant-based)
  • Sweet and Savory Carne Asada

Each entrée is served with Radish Slaw, Cilantro-lime Rice, Korean Potato Salad, Refried Beans, Cortadillo and a fountain beverage choice.

Kid’s Menu

Pick a tasty entrée:

  • Kid’s Riblet
  • Kid’s Potato Taco (plant-based)
  • Kid’s Mac and Cheese

Each kid’s entrée is served with a Cuties® Mandarin Orange, Cortadillo and a refreshing beverage choice.

To book:

  • Select “Check Availability” on this page to reserve this dining package.

Availability is limited.

Package Pricing

  • Lunch: $35 per Guest (ages 10+); $25 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.
  • Dinner: $35 per Guest (ages 10+); $25 per Guest (ages 3-9), tax and gratuity not included.


  • Lunch: 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Dinner: 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM

What do you think of the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante Fantasmic! dining package? Have you experienced it? What did you like the best about it? What do you most want to try from this menu? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Daps Magic received a sample product or experience for this review in exchange for an honest review. The views of the reviewer are wholly their own. Read the full disclosure policy at dapsmagic.com/disclosurepolicy.