Test Track

Concept Art for Test Track Reimagining Unveiled Along With Final Day to Ride Current Version

Ever since it was announced last year that Test Track would be getting reimagined with World of Motion as an inspiration, Disney fans have been eagerly awaiting for more news on this transformation. The announcement was made at Destination D23 and the future iteration of this EPCOT attraction will be pulling from a past version.

At the time, Disney shared that Imagineers and teams from Chevrolet were working on what the future looked like for the attraction. The updated attraction would aim to bring the spirit of optimism that was found int he original attraction to the newest iteration of the attraction it was shared. A piece of concept art for what the inside of the attraction would look like was also shared.

Test Track

On Friday, April 5, Disney provided updated concept art and updated information about the start of the transformation for this attraction. The new concept art shows a beautiful new entrance for the attraction. While similar to what currently is seen at Test Track, it definitely also has an updated and modern look. It also appears to no longer have the structure covering the entrance anymore. However, as is always true with concept art… this is just conceptual and that might just not be in the photo. It was also announced that the final day to ride the attraction in its current form is on June 16th with the attraction being closed down on the 17th. The concept art can be seen here:

Test Track - Concept Art
Test Track – Concept Art

Test Track originally opened at EPCOT in 1999. The original version was presented by General Motors. In 2012, an updated version (current version) of the attraction opened. The original attraction, World of Motion, opened with EPCOT in 1982 and remained at the location until it closed in 1996. It was a whimsical look at the history of transportation and utilized a omnimover system.

What do you think of the new concept art and updates for Test Track? Are you excited about this new version of this attraction? Are you looking forward to experiencing it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!