20 Years of Daps Magic - Geeks Corner

20 Years of Daps Magic  – GEEKS CORNER – Episode #706

Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week’s episode happens to land on the 20th anniversary of Daps Magic’s founding. The first part of this show is filled with memories and moments from the first two decades of Daps Magic. Then the discussion turns to what is going on in the world of Disney and positive stuff. This includes a review of the Sensational Springtime Buffet at Goofy’s Kitchen, a look at the new critters announced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and also a discussion of Autopia no long utilizing gas-powered cars. The Geeks also discuss CHOC Walk and why everyone should join our team at chocwalk.org/dapsmagic! We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Geeks Corner! We also hope you will join the conversation in the comments below! We’ll see you ’round the corner!