Knott's Boysenberry Festival Merchandise

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Merchandise is Better Than Ever in 2024 and Includes New Character!

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival begins on March 8. Along with some delicious treats that can be found throughout the park, there are also some really fun merchandise offerings. This includes the introduction of the new quasi-mascot Betty Boysen. At a recent preview for this year’s Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, Daps Magic had the opportunity to chat with one of the people behind the merchandise at Knott’s Berry Farm. Karl shared about some of the things he is most excited about this year! Check out the interview here:

As Karl mentioned, some of the highlights include:

  • Knott’s Boysenberry Festival T-Shirt
  • Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Pin
  • Betty the Boysenberry Plush
  • Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Spirit Jersey
  • Knott’s Berry Farm Jerky
  • Knott’s Berry Farm Cooking/Baking Kits
  • Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Slippers

Here is a look at this year’s merchandise lineup that was previewed at the Knott’s Hotel at a special media event:

Along with getting to see the merchandise for the 2024 Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, Daps Magic also was able to get to try out many of the foods that will be offered this year throughout the park for the festival. A great way to experience these is with the tasting cards. Here is a comprehensive look at the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card offerings along with tips. Daps Magic also got to take a look at the reimagined Knott’s Hotel as well. It is beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

The Knott’s Boysenberry Festival will run daily from March 8 through April 7. It will then continue on weekends (Friday-Sunday) from April 12 through April 28. Stay tuned to Daps Magic for more updates about this year’s Knott’s Boysenberry Festival! Subscribe to the Daps Magic YouTube Channel and newsletter (below) so as not to miss any of the exciting things that are happening at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Are you excited about what is coming to Knott’s Berry Farm for the 2024 Knott’s Boysenberry Festival? What are you most excited about from the merchandise lineup? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!