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Introducing: Daps Magic (the Podcast)

On April 2, 2024, Daps Magic will be turning 20 years old. Also on April 2nd, Daps Magic will be introducing its newest podcast: Daps Magic (the Podcast). This is an audio-only podcast where Mr. Daps will interview and converse with people about Disney and positive stuff (shocking, we know).

This will be a podcast that focuses on the good and highlights the kindness that can be found in the community of Disney and positive stuff. We hope you will tune in and join us as we go on this new adventure! If you would like to participate in the FIRST episode, you can leave a message of congratulations on 20 years that will be aired on the first episode of Daps Magic (the Podcast). Simply visit this page and leave a message via the “send voice message” button that is found there. Please leave all messages by 12:00 midnight on the night of Sunday, March, 31, 2024.

Daps Magic (the Podcast) - Send Voice Message

We have posted a trailer for Daps Magic (the Podcast) and it can be heard here:

All future episodes of this new podcast will be found on our Daps Magic (the Podcast) page! We hope you will check it out regularly. We also hope you will leave us kind reviews on Apple Podcast and Spotify, along with sharing this podcast with those you care about. Please feel free to share ideas with us for future episodes in terms of topics you’d like to hear discussed and with guests you’d like to hear discuss them!

We look forward to forging into the next 20 years of Daps Magic as we continue to build a positive and kind community in the Disney and positive stuff realm!


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