Easter Bunny at Disneyland

Easter Bunny Visits Disneyland to Bring Added Easter Smiles!

Happy Easter! We hope you are having a fantastic day with whatever way you celebrate! This week, leading up to Easter, the Easter Bunny was meeting with guests at Disneyland when they visited Town Square in Main Street, USA. Most of the time, he was found near where the parade would exit or enter Town Square. On Friday, the Easter Bunny was out saying hi before the rain hit Southern California. He was decked out in his Easter best with a top hat and waist coat. Below are photos and videos from when Mr. Daps stopped by to say hi.

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The Easter Bunny appears at Disneyland quite often on Easter and sometimes in the week leading up to it. What do you think of the Easter Bunny and his outfit? Have you spent Easter at Disneyland before? What did you like best about it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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