D23 Disney Wish Sing-Along Event at Walt Disney Studios Lot

D23 Hosts Disney ‘Wish’ Sing-Along Event at Walt Disney Studios

On Sunday, March 3, 2024, D23 hosted a sing-along event at the Walt Disney Studios lot for its most recent animated feature, Wish. The event began with a light lunch on the studio lot along with multiple activities. The studio store was also open for attendees to peruse and shop at.

The event began in the early afternoon. Attendees made their way into the lot where there were several photo locations, lunch, and several activities to be enjoyed. There were also some giveaways sitting on tables and seats for the guests to enjoy. Within minutes, people were eating their food, taking photos, and enjoying a lovely California afternoon at the Walt Disney Studios. Soon, Asha also appeared to meet with those in attendance.

After awhile, Angelique Cabral, Voice of Queen Amaya, arrived for story time. She read an over-sized book that told the story of Wish. She did a fantastic job, and with her kids in attendance, it was clear that she was a loving and fun mom.

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Following story time, two of the filmmakers arrived to show how to draw a couple of characters from the film. Directors Fawn Veerasunthorn and Chris Buck showed how to make both Star, Asha, and then Valentino. Veerasunthorn did the drawing and Buck led the conversation. They also answered questions about the film as they drew. From this came some stories about how the song inspired the film and the fate of Magnifico at the end of the film. They also shared about some of the development of the characters.

The main event of the day was the sing-along. It took place in the Walt Disney Studios Main Theatre on the lot. It began with a brief panel with

  • Angelique Cabral, Voice of Queen Amaya
  • Jennifer Kumiyama, Voice of Dahlia
  • Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice, Songwriters
  • Fawn Veerasunthorn and Chris Buck, Directors
  • Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster-Jones, Producer
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After the panel, it was explained that there would be a microphone with a line for people to line up and sing-along with the songs in the film. It was also shared that Once Upon a Studio would be presented ahead of the film. Announcements done, the short and then film began. The whole experience was a lot of fun for all involved. Throughout the film, mostly children went up to the mic to sing. They received applause when their times were done and were ridiculously cute. It really was a fun way to watch the movie.

Following the film as everyone was leaving, a Blu-Ray of the movie or a Wish popcorn bucket was given as a parting gift. As the sun began to set, the attendees left after a magical afternoon at the Walt Disney Studios. This was a fun event offered by D23 and many in attendance were eagerly anticipating D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event that will be happening later this year. Any time that one gets to go to the Walt Disney Studios lot is always something that is very special, and this was no exception.

What do you think of this special D23 Disney Wish sing-along event? Have you done events like this at the Walt Disney Studios? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!