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Royal Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas | Daps Travels Review

The Harmony of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship that is a part of the Royal Caribbean fleet. The ship has 2,747 staterooms and can accommodate 5,479 guests. The ship is 1,188.1 feet long and has seven neighborhoods on its 16 decks that are for passengers (18 decks in all). The seven neighborhoods include:

  • Pool and Sports Zone
  • Boardwalk
  • Central Park
  • Royal Promenade
  • Entertainment Place
  • Youth Zone
  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center

These neighborhoods offer a multitude of activities for the ship’s guests to enjoy that range from listening to jazz in Central Park in the evening, to gambling, to riding an old-time carousel, to name a few. There really is a lot to do throughout the Harmony of the Seas. A full listing of its offerings can be found on its webpage.

The Daps Magic team took a 7-night cruise aboard the Harmony of the Seas that started at Galveston, Texas, and went to Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico, then Roatan, Honduras, followed by Cozumel, Mexico before returning to Galveston. Below is a review of this cruise as experienced on this ship. Feel free to add your own reviews/experiences to the comments below!


The Harmony of the Seas is a beautiful ship, first off. It has been taking guests on cruises since 2016 and still feels quite new. The seven neighborhoods on it offer plenty of different things to do and explore while staying on board. The ship itself is comfortable with plenty of room to walk and lounge about. It also has quite a variety of different amenities that will appeal to different age groups. There are places to relax throughout the ship, both inside and out, covered or in the sun. There are also places that are quieter and louder, depending on what one enjoys. This is a ship that seems focused on the family and offers something for all ages. In this regard, it is a good “entry” ship and cruise for first-timers.


There is quite a range of types of rooms for those cruising on the Harmony of the Seas. This includes:

  • Interior Staterooms
  • Oceanview Staterooms
  • Balcony Staterooms
  • Suite Staterooms

The Daps Magic team stayed in Balcony Stateroom 9620. It is a category 4D room. This room includes two twin beds that convert into a Royal King bed, a television, a sitting area with a sofa, a desk, storage areas, a full bathroom, and a private balcony. A tour of the room can be seen here:

YouTube player

This particular room aboard the Harmony of the Seas was quite lovely. The view was unobstructed and high enough to give a good vantage throughout the voyage. It was also great for when in port. The mattresses were comfortable and easy to sleep on. The sofa was also comfortable for sitting or for napping. The television had several live channels and multiple Royal Caribbean channels, this included channels that showed what was going on aboard the ship, where the ship was at any given point, a bow camera, and other special programming. The desk and accompanying chair were a little bit small in size and really were better for someone doing makeup than someone sitting there with a laptop. The chair also had a very low back so don’t lean back on it!

The bathroom is tight but adequate. The shower had good pressure and was surprisingly nice for being in such a tight space. As is the case on most ships and boats, the toilet is rather small, as is the counter, and even smaller still is the sink. However, they all got the job done. There also was enough shelving to be found throughout the bathroom to provide room for one’s toiletries. There were also hooks on the door for towels/robes/whatever and towel racks on the wall as well. The space was very well used.

The room itself had a decent amount of storage throughout it. There were enough drawers to allow for unpacking and moving in for the week. There were also plenty of hangers and two small closets for hanging clothes as well. The closet closest to the balcony also included some shelves and a mini-safe. These were very handy and it is good to throw passports/wallets/etc. in the mini safe.


There are quite a few different options for food on board the Harmony of the Seas. Many of these are included with the booking of the cruise, but some are not. The complimentary food options and reviews include the following:

Main Dining Room
The Main Dining Room is found on decks 3, 4, and 5 near the stern of the Harmony of the Seas. The interior of this space is quite pretty. Unfortunately, the windows have been blocked so it does end up being quite dark. The service in the Main Dining room is exceptional. The food didn’t match the service for either breakfast or dinner. On paper, this looks like a great place to eat. In practice, it was just ok.
The Windjammer was the buffet that was found at the stern of the ship and was on Deck 16. It turned out to be a go-to place. The food, in general, ended up being tastier than what we experienced in the Main Dining Room. We also enjoyed the variety of options that could be found there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While it always seemed to be fairly busy, it also wasn’t too hard to find a table. Also, every table in Windjammer has a decent view of something with floor-to-ceiling windows. This was our favorite complimentary place to eat.
Solarium Bistro
The Solarium Bistro is up on the bow of the Harmony of the Seas. We did not experience this dining option beyond drinking coffee. The coffee was good.
Coastal Kitchen
Coastal Kitchen is exclusive to suite guests and Pinnacle members, which we were not so we did not experience this.
Park Cafe
The Park Cafe is found in the Central Park neighborhood of the Harmony of the Seas. While we didn’t get a lot here, it was decent quick service and there were also paninis!
Vitality Cafe
We did not make it to the Vitality Cafe.
Cafe Promenade
The Cafe Promenade was the local coffee shop on the Royal Promenade level/neighborhood. It had some quick pre-made foods as well. The cookies and coffee there were decent.
Sorrento’s is the pizza place on this ship. The pizza is fine but nothing to write home about. It is also on the Royal Promenade.
Dog House
The Dog House serves hot dogs on the Boardwalk. There are a variety of hot dogs, sausages, and bratwursts to choose from. There are a couple of sides and condiments to choose from as well. The hot dogs are quality and delicious, as are the buns they are served in. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise on board the ship and is worth experiencing if you like a dog while walking the boardwalk.
Mini Bites
Mini Bites was a quick nacho and quesadilla place that was a hidden treasure as well. While not spicy, the ingredients were good and the quesadillas were delicious. If you like spicy nachos or quesadillas, make sure to grab some hot sauce as the spice level at this location was incredibly safe. There were also some pre-made desserts on hand here. While not the most exciting location, this one was solid.
Room Service
We did not experience Room Service. While food is complimentary there is a $7.95 delivery fee each time it is utilized so we decided to not use it.

While not a restaurant, there were also two soft-serve ice cream locations found at the stern of the Harmony of the Seas. These locations served vanilla, chocolate, or a swirl cone. These were delicious offerings and made for a great snack each day!

Specialty restaurants are also found aboard the Harmony of the Seas for an additional cost. The Daps Magic team experienced a couple of them. The list of these establishments and our thoughts on them can be found here:

150 Central Park
Wonderland is a restaurant that is full of surprises that serves “fantasy gourmet dishes and never-before-seen fare.” The Daps Magic team did not try this restaurant.
Chef’s Table
Chef’s Table can accommodate up to 18 guests at a private table for the ultimate intimate dining experience: a five-course wine pairing dinner hosted nightly by an Executive Chef and Sommelier. The Daps Magic team did not experience this.
Chops Grille
Chops Grille was easily our favorite meal aboard the Harmony of the Seas. Each course was delicious, as were all of the sides that came with the main course. Our steaks were also perfectly cooked. The excellent food coupled with fantastic service made for a lovely culinary experience. If there was one meal that could be had once again from this cruise, it would be this one.
Jamie’s Italian
Jamie’s Italian has a menu prepared by celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver that offers rustic Italian favorites, with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Daps Magic team did not experience this.
Sabor serves a contemporary twist on traditional Mexican cuisine. The Daps Magic team did not experience this restaurant either. However, we did observe it was never full and quite frequently empty. This could be, however, because the cruise was leaving from Texas where there is no shortage of good Mexican cuisine.
Wonderland is a restaurant all about pushing the culinary envelope with imagination. While this looked intriguing, the Daps Magic team did not experience this restaurant.
Izumi has traditional Asian cuisine. It offers a more traditional sit-down sushi restaurant experience or a hibachi experience. The Daps Magic team experienced the sushi half of this restaurant. This was the one place on the ship where the service was not up to expectations, and at points downright rude. The food was decent but not exceptional. While nothing was bad here, nothing was great either. With the rude server, the experience left a less-than-savory taste in our mouths.
Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets is a blast from the past with burgers, fries, and shakes. This is exactly like every other Johnny Rockets everywhere else. The team did stop by one afternoon and had shakes, with one in our party getting a burger. The food was good. The service was hampered a little bit by the ability to communicate clearly. This location also didn’t seem to be busy generally, probably because it isn’t as unique as other locations on the ship.
Vintages Wine Bar
Vintages Wine Bar is a wine bar that also offers snacks. The location looked beautiful but the Daps Magic team did not experience this location.
The Starbucks on the Harmony on the Seas was found on the Boardwalk. The service here was stellar and ridiculously fast. While we didn’t purchase a drink (we were there for Been There mugs), a kid in front of us did. He had a complicated drink order and seemed to know exactly what he wanted. We observed his drink being made quickly and the kid very much enjoyed it as we walked out of the door.

Overall, the food was the weak link on board the Harmony of the Seas. The best meal that the Daps Magic team experienced was at Chops Grille, which was not a complimentary dining option. Having cruised with Royal Caribbean years ago, it did seem that the focus has been diverted from foods to other parts of the cruising experience. Also, it should be noted that by mid-evening, most dining options have closed other unless one wants pizza or pre-made snacks on the Royal Promenade. Room service would also be an option later in the evening. This seemed to be a miss as well. This is something that will be checked before any future cruises as it is surprising how often a late-night snack becomes wished for on board a cruise!

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There are also multiple bars and lounges found throughout the ship. While we aren’t going to review each and every one of them, we did discover that almost all of them were really enjoyable and could make good drinks. There was also the bionic bar where robots made drinks. This was fun to watch and it made satisfactory drinks that on a recipe card were perfect. We did discover that we enjoyed the drinks made by hand more, however.


The entertainment aboard the Harmony of the Seas really was great! There are quite a few different options for guests to experience. There are stage shows, ice skating shows, comedians, diving shows, street parties, parades, random performers, and more to be found throughout the different areas of the ships. The musicals in the main theater were top-notch with first-rate talent singing and dancing the night around. The same could be said about the ice skating shows. The talent on the stage and ice was matched by incredible costumes and sets as well. Some of the specialty shows were really quite humorous and it was clear that entertainment is something that Royal Caribbean takes seriously. A couple of things that stood out revolved around pianos. Several times the Daps Magic team encountered a guy playing a piano in an elevator. He generally played older rock ‘n’ roll songs and was a blast to watch him perform while going up and down on an elevator. He also played on the Boardwalk. In the Schooner Lounge, Ross The PianoMan tickled the ivories and sang the night away. He often took requests as well, which led to some interesting performances. One of the more memorable moments was hearing him sing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. He also played songs by Elton John, Billy Joel, and more.

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Another highlight that shouldn’t be missed is anything that is performed in the AquaTheater. The main show there is called Fine Line. It is almost like a Cirque de Soleil show in the water with performers dancing and diving into a pool that seems terrifyingly small for some of the heights that the performers are diving from. There are also some aerial aerobatics happening and high-wire moments that add to the show. It really was incredible and is probably the one show that should not be missed while cruising on the Harmony of the Seas. The second show that the Daps Magic team saw in the AquaTheater was the Hideaway Heist. This one was also a lot of fun, and that also included some humorous moments. It also had some incredible dives. This one isn’t offered on every cruise apparently.


There are quite a few activities to enjoy aboard the Harmony of the Seas. They range from water slides to a zip line, mini golf, ping pong, and a multi-story regular slide to name a few. In short, every activity the team experienced they really enjoyed. This included slides, mini golf, and ping pong. It seemed that people were also enjoying the multiple activities that were offered on the basketball court as well. There are also other activities like bingo, trivia, and group activities that looked like they were a lot of fun. While we didn’t do as many things as we could have, in terms of activities, friends did seem to have a great time. Overall, there was no shortage of activities and they were all fairly solid.


There are a lot of different excursions to be enjoyed at the different ports of call the Harmony of the Seas makes. Our travel party did experience some of these and everyone enjoyed them. Royal Caribbean seems to do a good job of cultivating enjoyable and safe experiences for its guests who want to go on excursions (at an added cost). One thing to note: it is a good idea to book excursions through Royal Caribbean. It is a good way to make sure the ship doesn’t leave without you! On the flip side, for those still on the ship, it is kind of fun to watch people scrambling last minute to make it back on the ship before it departs. On our cruise, we didn’t see anyone left behind.


This particular cruise aboard the Harmony of the Seas was as follows:

  • Day One – Depart Galveston
  • Day Two – At Sea
  • Day Three – At Sea
  • Day Four – Costa Maya, Mexico
  • Day Five – Roatan, Honduras
  • Day Six – Cozumel, Mexico
  • Day Seven – At Sea
  • Day Eight – Return to Galveston

The itinerary for this seven-night Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Harmony of the Seas was enjoyable enough. Costa Maya was the Daps Magic team’s favorite port of call. Roatan had a nice port and beautiful surroundings but was a bit of an adventure if one decided to go for a walk in the surrounding neighborhood. Cozumel was pretty as well and had a nice port. If leaving port, it is probably best to go on a Royal Caribbean excursion rather than just going alone. However, each destination really was pretty and was fun to experience!


The service aboard the Harmony of the Seas really was a bright point in the cruise. From the moment the team boarded the ship, we were greeted with smiles and kind words. This continued throughout the week with very few exceptions (as noted above). Our stateroom attendant was incredible and always had a smile and a few kind words to say each time we encountered her. Throughout the ship, serves, bartenders, cleaners, entertainers, and other people in different roles all were very kind and generally would give a positive greeting of one kind or another when passing. This made for a very positive culture on the ship and also contributed to the excellent service on board. The people who work on the Harmony of the Seas really are one of the best parts of a Royal Caribbean cruising experience.


The app is the go-to destination while on board for information about what is going on onboard the ship and perhaps most importantly, what time it is on the ship. It also has what times different restaurants are open, showtimes, and pretty much anything one would want to know while on board. It isn’t the fastest app in the world but it got the job done.


The wi-fi on the Harmony of the Seas worked well enough. It’s not super speedy but one wouldn’t expect it to be when in the middle of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico. It did allow me to connect consistently to the internet. It is perfectly adequate for surfing the internet, posting photos, and checking social media. It’s not so great for uploading videos to YouTube, however. If that’s what you are planning on doing, bring your patience.

Final Thoughts

The Harmony of the Seas offers an enjoyable cruising experience for guests of all ages. The ship itself is quite comfortable, as are the rooms. The entertainment was very enjoyable and worthwhile. The experiences were fun. The service was exceptional. The food really was the only thing that didn’t quite hit the mark. Overall, this was an enjoyable cruise that multiple ages would enjoy together or separately. Overall, this was a wonderful cruise and I look forward to more in the future!

Have you cruised aboard the Harmony of the Seas? What type of room did you have? How was your experience? Share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments below!

Mr. DAPs Hat Rating Scale

  • No Hat – Didn’t meet expectations
  • Hat Nod – It was ok
  • Hat Tip – It was good
  • Hat’s Off – Loved it!


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