Super Bowl LVIII

Disneyland to Celebrate Winner of Super Bowl LVIII

The winner of Super Bowl LVIII will be celebrated at Disneyland. In an announcement that was made on the @Disneyland Instagram story, it was shared that on Monday, February 12, 2024, there will be a celebration for either the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs. The specifics about this celebration weren’t shared in the story.

If the celebration is similar to previous years, there will be a cavalcade along the parade route with star players from the winning team participating. When they reach Main Street, confetti is often dropped and there is a photo moment. For fans of the winning team, this can be a chance to see some of their favorite players up close and celebrate with them. However, at this time no official announcements have been made specifying what exactly the celebration will be this year.

For those who do want to attempt and see the celebration, make sure and have a valid ticket or Magic Key to get into the parks at the Disneyland Resort along with a reservation for Monday, February 12, 2024. Beyond that, keep your eyes and ears open for any announcements made by the Disneyland Resort. Daps Magic will be doing the same and share details as they become publicly available.

Here is a look at last year’s celebration cavalcade with Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs:

What do you think of this celebration? Are you going to attempt to see this year’s celebration in person? Have you done it before? Share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments below!