Season 2 of ‘Andor’ Headed for 2025 Release

It appears that the second season of Andor won’t be arriving quite as early as initially hoped for. A recent press release from Disney announced the arrival of two other Star Wars projects in 2024. However, it had nothing to say about the second season of Andor. While there was a note that did say there were other titles not shown, Gizmodo is reporting that the series will most likely not be arriving on Disney’s streaming service until 2025.

According to Gizmodo, the second season of Andor won’t arrive until 2025 due to delays related to both the actors and writers strikes as well as the time needed to release the other two shows.” The news comes after the series was initially slated to arrive in August 2024. This appears to no longer be the plan. With only two weeks left in filming before the strikes began, many thought that the series would be able to pick up and finish without too much of a delay. This apparently was not the case.

While the strikes may or may not have impacted the production timeline for Andor, it might simply have impacted the release timeline for this and other series. Since the end of the strikes there have been multiple changes in release dates for series and movies. This giant puzzle of release dates can lead to impacts from one show to the next that may not normally seem related. However, as Disney pivots its strategy from more is better to quality is better in terms of content, it could also have been decided to stretch out release windows between series to help reinforce strong releases for strong shows.

What do you think of Andor not arriving on Disney+ until 2025? Are you excited to see this series whenever it does arrive? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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