‘Luminous’ Brings People Together on Emotional Journey at EPCOT

Luminous is now being offered nightly for guests around the World Showcase Lagoon ay EPCOT. This new nighttime spectacular is a bit of a change from other recent nighttime shows as it doesn’t rely on projections or clips from Disney stories. Instead, it takes guests on an emotional journey with fireworks, fountains, and lighting effects. The result is quite beautiful from wherever one is watching the show from around the lagoon.

The show is broken up into several different segments that starts with a welcome from the different world showcase pavilions. This leads into the first of two original songs as the show takes guests on the emotional journey that highlights some of the core emotions felt by everyone during this journey called life. During this journey, Disney and Pixar stories highlight emotions like familial love, romantic love, loss, and togetherness. The song choices are quite effective for each of these, as are the way they are presented. The use of effects are also quite effective with sometimes the show going all out and other times it offers simple beauty.

The original music for Luminous was written by Pinar Toprak. Toprak also wrote the new EPCOT Anthem which can be heard around Spaceship Earth and World Celebration in different forms throughout the day. There is also a special Beacon of Magic that brings Spaceship Earth to life at night with this theme and lighting effects as well. Listen closely and it will also be heard in Luminous.

At its core, Luminous is all about bringing people together. It does this for all ages and all types of relationships. This is a show that is a reminder that we are all together on this journey of life on Earth. This is consistent with the themes of EPCOT and Spaceship Earth. It also is reminiscent of Illuminations thematically as well. In a more literal sense, the big arching fireworks that shoot from the side of the lagoon are also used, which is also often associated with the old long-running shows.

Luminous is a very enjoyable entertainment offering at EPCOT. It feels like it belongs in this park and is a show that can be enjoyed by all ages. Different parts of the show will resonate with different people. This will change as people’s life circumstances change as well. It seems like it should be very re-watchable. I know I look forward to seeing it again. It seems that its arrival at EPCOT just as it wraps its multi-year transformation is a lovely chef’s kiss to this beautiful park that is entertains, educates, and inspires as it provides hope for the future!

What do think of Luminous? Have you seen it in person yet? Are you going to? Share your thoughts and opinions about this new nighttime spectacular in the comments below!


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  1. David Vitrano Avatar
    David Vitrano

    I think it’s time for them to try to bring back rivers of light at Animal Kingdom, but make it better than ever.

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