Rogers The Musical - Day Four - 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Rogers: The Musical – Day Four – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Today for 23 Days of Thanksgiving I’m going to something that I’m thankful for that if you had asked me one year ago if I had thought it was a possibility, I would probably have chuckled and said “I wish.” This summer guests visiting Disney California Adventure got the special treat of seeing Rogers: The Musical in the Hyperion Theater. This is a musical version of the story of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.

This musical was developed after the song Save the City initially appeared on Hawkeye on Disney+. This led to a performance of the song during 2022’s D23 Expo. To say that performance was well received would be an understatement. However, nobody would have guessed that less than a year later it would be expanded into a musical that was about a half hour long.

Rogers: The Musical has some great tunes, great moments, and was a lot of fun to watch throughout the summer. It was a perfect addition to the edge of Avengers Campus as well. I really hope we see it return someday to Disney California Adventure. I’m also quite thankful that the cast album was released as it is definitely enjoyable as well. This might be one of my favorite shows that have been offered in the Hyperion Theater and while its run was short, I’m very thankful it happened at all!

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What are you thankful for today? Join us each day as we share what we are thankful for during our 23 Days of Thanksgiving! Share what you are grateful for in the comments below!


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