23 Days of Thanksgiving - Day Three - Photography

Photography – Day Three – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

For the third day of 23 Days of Thanksgiving I thought it would only be appropriate to write about something that I grow increasingly thankful for as time goes by. I have always loved to travel and take photos. However, it wasn’t until my late 20s that I discovered the joy of photography beyond just a point and shoot.

I started experimenting with a friend’s Nikon. I can’t remember the model now. I quickly discovered that it was way more fun than my Canon PowerShot. I also discovered after shooting on the Nikon for awhile that I was also getting better pictures from the PowerShot as my eye started to look at things differently. As time went by, I really discovered how much I loved taking photos and eventually got a Canon T1i. Through the years I have slowly upgraded my camera body, lenses, tripod, and camera bag/backpack. The better equipment has always been led by my improving photography skills. I have had the honor through the years of shooting some engagement photos, portraits, weddings, and other special events. I will admit, however, my passion is really travel and entertainment photography.

I think the real passion was ignited during a cross-country road trip from St. Louis to California. This road trip roughly followed Route 66 and I found myself captivated by the different views I saw. Sometimes this was natural beauty, others it was abandoned buildings along the roadsides. I came home from this trip and was hooked on taking photos and trying to get better photos. Today I continue to try and better myself and learn how to take more interesting and beautiful photos. I would like to think my photos are better today than when I got started. Even if they aren’t, I enjoy taking them and am thankful for the chance to be creative while take photos.

Here are a few photos that I have taken through the years that I really love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

What are you thankful for today? Join us during our 23 Days of Thanksgiving and read what the Daps Magic team is thankful for and then share what you are thankful for as well! Happy Thanksgiving!


3 responses to “Photography – Day Three – 23 Days of Thanksgiving”

  1. Angela Reynolds Avatar
    Angela Reynolds

    I am ALSO thankful for Mr. Daps’ excellent photography! Talk about a beautiful lens through which to view the world!

  2. Brian Schenck Avatar
    Brian Schenck

    What lens do you like using in the park? If you were limited to one lens, which one would you prefer?

    1. So I have several that I really enjoy. My go-to is often a 24-105 but I also enjoy shooting on my 50 mm, 85 mm, and my L-series 70-200. In Japan I’m using the 24-105 a lot. :) I kind of change based on whatever I’m feeling at any given time. I also have a 35 mm that I really enjoy.

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