Iconic Disney Ad Location Damaged by Fire

This morning, many Southern Californians woke up to the sad news of the hangar at the Tustin Air Base up in flames. This has been an iconic and historic spot in Orange County since it opened in 1942. While the hangar was used to store blimps for the military, Disney fans may recognize this location from the iconic Main Street Electrical Parade “Vault” ad. Readers of Daps Magic may also recognize this hangar from the 2009 Star Trek.

The fire began very early in the hours of Tuesday, November 7, and at 10 a.m. local time, it is still burning. Firefighters cannot get close to the structure as it is currently at a high risk of collapsing and being a risk to those firefighters. The fire is expected to continue burning for hours or even days until it burns out naturally.

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