Zootopia-Themed Land Shanghai Disneyland

Disney Shares How it is Bringing Zootopia to life at Shanghai Disneyland

A new area of Shanghai Disneyland will soon be making magic for life while also bringing the world of Zootopia to life. This will be done through state-of-the-art technology which will make it possible to step directly into the beloved movie and see many favorite characters.Check out three ways below that Walt Disney Imagineering is making this happen.

1. The Ultimate Immersive Experience in Zootopia

From the moment you step foot in Zootopia, you will notice buildings, roads, signs, and more that look just like they did in the movie. Our innovative design process has enabled us to envision our biggest ideas early on, using tools such as Building Information Modeling to digitally step into the world years before completion, perfecting every detail and ensuring the world is as authentic as possible before beginning construction.

Later, our talented group of local field art directors brings those ideas to life, capturing every story-driven detail through intricate carving and painting, translating our digital ideation into physical reality. It takes more than 140 different disciplines to create a world as authentic and immersive as Zootopia!

Zootopia’s newest mammalian citizens can explore the city and visit places like Zootopia Transit Authority, located near the civic plaza of Zootopia, which features a new “hyper-tube” used by lemmings on their way to and from work at Lemming Brothers Bank and other businesses.

2. Bringing Zootopia Characters from Movie to Real Life

The technological advancements pioneered by our very own Imagineers are often the flourish that marks the distinctly Disney experience that we have all grown to love, particularly the Audio-Animatronics figures. Collaborating closely with our Walt Disney Animation Studios, and employing our latest in robotics technology combined with Imagineering’s artistry and attention to detail, our characters feel like they’ve stepped right off the screen, able to express emotions and deliver a level of performance not previously seen at Shanghai Disney Resort. We’ve even combined digital eyes with physical characters, allowing an added level of expressiveness and a newfound ability to connect directly with you. From Officer Clawhauser to Chief Bogo and even Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, our characters are so believable you will feel like you went on their very own adventure with some of our most beloved characters.

3. A Trackless Ride System on Zootopia: Hot Pursuit

Not only can you experience these characters like never before through a new generation of Audio-Animatronics figures, the action-packed ride, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, also uses a combination of leading technologies to create a trackless ride system. From sliding across the ice of Tundratown and flying off the track onto the busy streets of Sahara Square, to plummeting from the canopies in a gondola in the Rainforest District, each scene will keep you guessing what’s next, with unexpected turns, spins, slides and drops that bring the story to life! Innovative ride and show technologies like those employed on Zootopia: Hot Pursuit open the door for new types of storytelling, letting us surprise and delight in ways never before imagined, giving the ultimate immersive Zootopia experience! 

Disney continued and shared the following:

At Imagineering, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The innovative and collaborative spirit is present throughout the entire world of Zootopia and could only happen at Disney, allowing everyone to connect with their favorite characters like never before, not just on the ride, but even in the queuing and land experience as well. Our entire Imagineering and Walt Disney Animation Studios team are so proud of how we’ve raised the bar on immersive experiences in Zootopia, and can’t wait to share our city with the world on Dec. 20!

What do you think of this new land that is coming to Shanghai Disneyland Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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