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The Walt Disney Family Museum Announces New Pawsibilities Unleashed: A Pet Portrait Exhibition

The Walt Disney Family Museum has announced a new exhibition for people visiting the museum between November through March. Starting on November 16, 2023, the museum will be presenting Pawsibilities Unleashed: A Pet Portrait Exhibition. This exhibit will be found in the Theater Gallery and Lower Lobby and be free to the public. It will continue to be offered to March 2024.

Image: Mark Ulriksen, Ball Hog, 1996; Acrylic on canvas; courtesy of Mark Ulriksen

The Walt Disney Family Museum released the following information about this new exhibition:

Pets bring joy, entertainment, and companionship, and for artists they can also be a source of great inspiration. Walt Disney loved, respected, and appreciated animals from a very young age and found many ways to incorporate them into his films, television shows, and other projects throughout his lifetime. Even in the early days of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio—known today as The Walt Disney Company—Walt would create roles for his Uncle Robert Disney’s German Shepherd, Peggy. Her live-action debut in the Alice Comedies in 1924 marked the first on-screen appearance of a Disney pet, and she quickly became an audience favorite.

Walt once said, “Sometimes we recognize ourselves in animals. And that’s what makes them so interesting.” This sentiment rings true for the talented artists and their animal-inspired artworks featured in our newest special exhibition, Pawsibilities Unleashed: A Pet Portrait Exhibition.

Presented in conjunction with our special exhibition Disney Cats & Dogs, this unique exhibition features portraits created by both Bay Area local and Disney-related artists, showcasing the profound impact animal companions have on their creative expression. Each artist’s vision takes on a distinctive meaning and illustrates the special bond between humans and animals. In addition to pet portraits, this exhibition includes animal-related collectibles from Walt’s personal collection, as well as rare and foreign language posters from classic animal-centric Disney films.

Pawsibilities Unleashed: A Pet Portrait Exhibition will be open to the public from November 16, 2023, to March 2024.

What do you think of this exhibit? Will you be stopping by The Walt Disney Family Museum to check it out? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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