Adventureland Treehouse to Open at Disneyland Park on Friday, November 10

In just a few short weeks, Adventureland will have a renewed fixture of the land! The Adventureland Treehouse inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson will officially open to guests of the Disneyland Resort on Friday, November 10!

The previous iteration of this attraction, Tarzan’s Treehouse, closed for refurbishment in September 2021. While Tarzan and the gang had taken over the treehouse for over two decades, The Swiss Family Robinson opened the treehouse in November 1962. It is a total full circle moment to see the attraction come back in a way that honors Walt Disney’s original idea!

Throughout the treehouse, guests will be able to find the following rooms (along with some other fun surprises):

  • Mother’s Music Den
  • Father’s Art Studios
  • Twin Sons Nature Room
  • Teenage Daughter’s Astronomer’s Loft

Featured in the images above are Daughter’s Loft, Mother’s Music Den, and the Treehouse itself! In the loft, you’ll be able to get a clear view of the night sky and see the tools daughter uses to track the stars. In mother’s room, you will find musical instruments galore that show you just how passionate this family is about art!

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