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Disneyland’s Tarzan Treehouse is an attraction located in Adventureland that invites guests to explore the home of Tarzan, the king of the jungle. The attraction is situated in a massive tree structure that serves as Tarzan’s home in the lush jungles of Africa.

Visitors must climb a series of stairs and bridges to reach the top of the treehouse, where they can explore Tarzan’s living quarters, including his bedroom, kitchen, and study. Along the way, visitors encounter interactive exhibits and displays that showcase the various aspects of Tarzan’s life in the jungle, such as his survival skills, his relationship with his gorilla family, and his connection to the natural world.

The treehouse is designed to look and feel like an actual tree, with bark-textured walls, twisting branches, and realistic foliage. Visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of Disneyland and the surrounding areas from the top of the treehouse.

The Tarzan Treehouse attraction was originally known as the Swiss Family Treehouse and was based on the classic Disney film “Swiss Family Robinson.” The attraction was updated in 1999 to reflect the popularity of the “Tarzan” film, and the Swiss Family Robinson theme was replaced with Tarzan theming and decor.

Overall, Disneyland’s Tarzan Treehouse is a fun and immersive attraction that offers visitors a chance to explore the world of Tarzan in a unique and memorable way. It is a must-visit for fans of the “Tarzan” film and anyone seeking a thrilling and adventurous experience in the heart of Disneyland’s Adventureland.