Two Concert Orchestrions Provide Unique Halloween Music at Disneyland

Nelson-Wiggens Orchestrion Frontierland Disneyland

At Disneyland there are many different entertainment offerings to enjoy during different seasons. Halloween Time is no different. For guests wandering through the Candy Palace on Main Street, USA or in Frontierland, two concert orchestrions provide a very different approach to Halloween music.

On Main Street, USA at the Candy Palace, the orchestrion is made by Welte. This mechanical music maker can be found straight back when entering the Candy Palace. According to Sam Gennawey’s The Disneyland Story, the Welte orchestrion has been in this location since opening day at Disneyland in 1955. Walt Disney purchased it from Bud Hurlbut two years earlier in 1953. This instrument is a

that was built in Freiburg, Germany in 1907. It has  265 pipes, bass drum, snare drum, timpani, cymbal & a triangle and was built to simulate an orchestra. It plays 75 key Welte roll music. Currently, it is playing Halloween music. Daps Magic team member Doug Marsh captured a couple of songs by this orchestrion and they can be seen and heard here:

The second orchestrion was built by Nelson-Wiggen Piano Company and once could be found in the Main Street Train Station. Eventually it was moved to Frontierland and put in the Silver Spur Supplies store. The Nelson-Wiggen Orchestrion is about 100 years old and was made in Chicago. This orchestrion also plays Halloween music. It is believed that this is a Nelson-Wiggen Cabinet Piano Orchestra Style 6X and was built in 1926. Doug also shot videos of this orchestrion playing Halloween music as well that can be seen and heard here:

As can be seen in the videos above, both of the orchestrions provide some really fun music. Also it should be noted, the Nelson-Wiggen orchestrion requires a quarter to play, the Welte plays on a regular schedule. What do you think of these two orchestrions? Have you stopped to listen to them? Do you have a favorite tune from either of them? Share your thoughts, memories, and opinions in the comments below!

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