“Roger’s: The Musical” Ends Summer of Performances With a Day Full of Heartfelt Performances

Rogers The Musical Final Performance

Roger’s: The Musical had its final performances at the Disneyland Resort on August 31, 2023. This show that tells the story of Steve Rogers, or Captain America, ended on a high note as the performers brought their A-Game and yes, they did it all day. The show is heartfelt, earnest, and a wonderful story where the underdog actually ends up winning. It has some great songs, great characters, and even wonderfully humorous moments. On the last day, these monents weren’t lost. In some ways, they might have even been enhanced.

The Daps Magic team attended the 1:45 PM showing and then also the final showing at 5:30 PM. Both shows were rock solid and completely enjoyable to watch. They were truly a testament as to the power of a live musical performance. Below are both performances from this day. Photos from the first performances can be found here.

The final performance of Roger’s: The Musical was at 5:30 PM. Fans filled the theater to watch this final show, many of them appeared to have been regulars. The energy in the Hyperion Theater was electric and magical throughout the performances. The cast was giving it their all and the audience was giving it right back. And when Nick Fury made an Aladdin reference, the crowd loved it even more! At the end of the performance, the entire cast came out on stage to join those that were a part of this performance as the audience gave a solid standing ovation.

Since making its debut earlier this summer, Roger’s: The Musical has been a show that has been beloved by those who have seen it. Whether a Marvel fan or not, Disney guests have loved seeing Steve Rogers become the man he wished to be and also get his happy ending at the end of the line. This is a show that has a great soundtrack (hopefully it gets released someday), a great cast, great behind-the-scenes support, and a wonderful team that pulled it together. It is unknown if this show will ever return to the Disneyland Resort, if it will appear somewhere else, or just simply live on in our memories and on YouTube. What is known is that this show had a very solid run and ended on a high note. Hat’s off to everyone who was involved!

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