Rogers The Musical Cast Album

‘Rogers: The Musical’ Cast Album to Be Released on Friday

Since debuted at Disney California Adventure earlier this summer, fans have been clamoring for a cast album to be released for Rogers: The Musical. On Friday, September 15, 2023, fans will get what they want. That is when the cast album for Rogers: The Musical will be released on digital platforms. The cast album will include 12 tracks that includes songs familiar to those who saw the musical this summer.

A Great Musical and Great Soundtrack

“Great love stories make great musicals,” said book writer Hunter Bell who starred and wrote the Tony Award-nominated [title of show]. “So much great musical theater is based on a love story.” Bell continued and said for Rogers: The Musical, “We honed in on that love story of Cap and Peggy.”  This musical tells the entire life story of Captain Steve Rogers and his love story with Agent Peggy Carter. This includes how a young and small Steve Rogers becomes Captain America, how he ends up in modern times, comes together with the Avengers, and then a beautiful conclusion, all put to song. This love story made a wonderful musical at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure.

Christopher Lennertz, who arranged and conducted the music for Rogers: The Musical, said after the world premiere that “[It] was really important to all of us … to give everyone — both musical theater fans and superhero fans — something they would love about the music. And the fact that we get to span 70 years and do everything from ‘40s-style big band jazz to a singer/songwriter style pop tune and obviously the Nick Fury patter song meets ‘Uptown Funk’ — it’s the idea of giving everyone something that they can grab onto and really feel like it’s part of their story too.”

As fans saw this musical throughout the summer, it became very clear that there was something to love about the music. Whether it was Star-Spangled Man, I Want You, What You Missed, or Save the City, there is a lot of music to love. As the show came to a close at the end of the summer, it became increasingly common to see people asking for a cast album. Now, this has happened. At this point, the cast album is being released solely in digital format. It is unknown if it will be released on CD, cassette, or vinyl at a later date.

Rogers: The Musical Tracklist:

Title, Artist

  • “U.S. Opening Night,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas, Matthew P. Selby, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “I Want You,” Josey Montana McCoy
  • “Star-Spangled Man,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “Just One Dance (Preprise 1),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  • “Star-Spangled Man (Reprise)/Just One Dance (Preprise 2),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
  • “What You Missed,” Jay Donnell, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Luke Monday
  • “Save the City,” Bella Hicks, Andrew Hubert, Luke Monday, Alex Karukas, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “Save the City (Playoff),” Luke Monday, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
  • “End of the Line,” Luke Monday, Josey Montana McCoy
  • “Just One Dance,” Rachel Wirtz, Luke Monday
  • “Rogers: The Musical Finale/Save the City (Reprise),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz, Josey Montana McCoy, Jay Donnell, Andrew Huber, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas
  • “Rogers: The Musical (Playoff),” Christopher Lennertz, Alex Karukas

Are you excited about Rogers: The Musical releasing a cast album? Did you see this show this summer? What was your favorite song in the soundtrack if you did? What song are you most looking forward to hearing again? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!