Figment Arriving to Meet Guests at EPCOT on September 10

On Saturday morning it was announced that Figment will be meeting with guests visiting EPCOT starting on September 10, 2023. Figment will be meeting with guests at the Imagination Pavilion. The announcement came during “A Celebration of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” at Destination D23 which included many other announcements about what is coming to the parks in the coming days, months, and years!

Figment at Destination D23
Figment Arrives at Destination D23

The arrival of Figment to meet guests was first announced during the 2022 D23 Expo. The actual character that will be meeting with guests was shown during the panel at Destination D23 as well. The Disney Parks Blog also revealed a look at what the new character meet and greet location will look like.

Figment made his debut in 1982 at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort at the Imagination! pavilion. Figment has a childlike dreamer who embodies creativity and imagination in the original attraction, Journey Into Imagination. Figment’s origin story actually comes from ancient mythology. In old stories, Dragons embody the physical traits of many other creatures and beasts. Figment originally appeared with Dreamfinder in the original Journey Into Imagination attraction (video below). Dreamfinder originally started as Professor Marvel in the 1970s. He would have appeared in a proposed Disneyland attraction that would have featured a panoramic showcase of curiosities and marvels of our world and would have been hosted by two new characters: Professor Marvel and an impish little sidekick (a yet-to-be-named dragon). In an original version of Figment, he would have been green!

Are you excited to meet Figment at EPCOT starting on September 10th? Do you remember his original appearance in Journey Into Imagination? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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