Knott's Scary Farm Fright Lane Buy it or Skip It

Buy It or Skip It? – Knott’s Scary Farm Fright Lane

As Knott’s Scary Farm celebrates 50 years of nightmares, guests are descending from all over to experience the horrors. Knott’s Berry Farm invited Daps Magic to the opening night of Knott’s Scary Farm on Thursday, September 21st, and gifted us with Fright and Fast Lane passes. The Fright and Fast Lane offers guests priority boarding for mazes and attractions throughout the event. In this review, I’ll cover the cost of the pass, how I was able to use it, and if I think it’s worth it for the average guest attending Knott’s Scary Farm.

To give context on the type of Knott’s Scary Farm guest I am, I have been attending this event for nearly 15 years. I am a Southern California local and Knott’s Scary Farm has always been a “must-do” Fall offering for me. At the event, mazes are my priority but I love to see the shows and experience the the scare zones. With 10 mazes, 5 scare zones, and 4 shows, there is a lot to do, so let’s get into it!


  • The Chilling Chambers (NEW)
  • Room 13 (NEW)
  • Cinema Slasher (NEW)
  • Bloodline 1842
  • The Grimoire
  • Mesmer
  • Origins: The Curse of Calico
  • The Depths
  • Dark Entities (Final Year)
  • Wax Works

Scare Zones

  • The Gauntlet (Returning, Reimagined)
  • Ghost Town Streets
  • Gore-ing ’20s
  • CarnEVIL
  • Forsaken Lake


  • Dr. Cleaver Returns
  • Music, Monsters, & Mayhem (NEW)
  • The Hanging: Uncancelled
  • Le Magnifique Carnaval du Grotesque

This can be a lot to do in only 6 or 7 hours! While Fright and Fast Line is only valid for mazes and attractions, using it can help you do more of what you would like to do. On opening night, I did 5 mazes, including all 3 new mazes, all the scare zones, and 3 of the 4 shows, which felt like quite the feat! As I have watched others plan out their visit, I realize how difficult this could be for guests when they are waiting 30-45 minutes for each maze. For almost all the mazes, I only waited 5 minutes max when the posted time was much higher.

Depending on the night, admission for Knott’s Scary Farm can range from $59 to $79. Knott’s Scary Farm Fright and Fast Lane can range anywhere from $149 to $199 and this does not include admission. This means the low end for the two tickets can be $208 and the high end can be $278. These prices are online only, as prices as the gates are more expensive.

If this interests you, I suggest looking into the Knott’s Scary Farm All-Inclusive Bundle. This bundle includes admission, parking, the Fear and Fright lane, and Scary Meal Deal. This package ranges from $199 to $259, cheaper than buying the offers individually, and includes even more for guests wanting to attend and get the most from their night.

I would absolutely say the Fear and Fright Lane pass is worth it for Knott’s Scary Farm, as it allowed me to get the most out of my night when I visited. If you are interested, absolutely look into the All Inclusive Bundle when you’re planning your visit to the largest Southern California Haunt. If you cannot attend with the ticket add-on, there is still plenty of opportunity to experience Knott’s Scary Farm as a regular admission guest, and you will still experience all the fear there is to see!

Keep an eye out for my top 5 mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm, coming soon to Daps Magic. Be sure to follow along with us through our mailing list, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in the loop on what’s new in the world of geek!

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