“Ahsoka” Original Series Soundtrack: Volume 1 Now Available on Music Streaming Services

Ahsoka Original Series Soundtrack: Volume 1

The first volume of the original soundtrack for Ahsoka has been released on music streaming services. This soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records and has almost two and a half hours of music from the series’ first four episodes by composer Kevin Kiner. Kiner has worked on multiple other Star Wars series before, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and also Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Kiner said about the soundtrack saying,  “I can’t believe that 17 years after I wrote Ahsoka’s theme for The Clone Wars that I’m still getting to progress and expand it. Sean and Deana Kiner worked with me on a lot of this score, and I think their fresh take —especially with regard to the ronin aspects of the score—helps move our sound forward in the Star Wars universe. This is something we’ve poured a lot of love into and are so proud of what we’ve created for these characters and this show.”  

The track list for AhsokaOriginal Series Soundtrack: Volume 1 includes 45 songs and also a bonus track. The entire soundtrack can be listened to below.

AhsokaOriginal Series Soundtrack: Volume 1 Tracklist:

  • The Update
  • Master and Apprentice
  • The Map
  • Assassin Ambush
  • The New Republic
  • Where is Sabine
  • Igyah Kah
  • Ezra’s Recording
  • Witch Ruins
  • Should Have Been a Good Jedi
  • Like So Many Jedi
  • Studying the Orb
  • Ahsoka and Hera
  • Shin and Sabine
  • Ahsoka End-Credits
  • Secrets of the Map
  • Done Enough
  • Opening the Map
  • Searching the Room
  • Bypass
  • Morgan and Baylan
  • Corellian Shipyard
  • Loyalists
  • Sabine’s Armor
  • The Eye
  • Enemies Are Multiplying
  • More Than Just Your Eyes
  • Briefing the Senators
  • Not Gifted
  • You Don’t Know That
  • I Shall Deal With Them
  • Stepping Out
  • The Whale Pod
  • Hunt Them Down
  • Not the Time for a Lesson
  • Can I Count on You
  • Move In
  • Huyang Cuts the Power
  • Watch Me
  • Meet Up With Baylan
  • Fight in the Woods
  • Ahsoka and Baylan
  • Do It
  • Can’t Follow Us
  • Something Familiar
  • Igyah Kah (Demo Version)

Ahsoka is currently streaming new episodes on Tuesdays on Disney+. New episodes are released at 6:00 PM PST each week on Tuesday night. What do you think of Ahsoka so far? What do you think of this soundtrack for the series? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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