Tree of Life Awakenings Set to Return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Later This Year

Tree of Life Awakenings brings the centerpiece vibrantly to life in the evenings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, during the summer it has not been presented due to evenings being too light. However, later this year, that will be changing. Starting later this fall, Tree of Life Awakenings will be returning to brighten up the night with the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life initially came to life with projections in 2016. During the 50th Anniversary of Walt DIsney World Resort, it became a Beacon of Magic. Last fall, the Tree of Life Awakenings came to life with an Avatar: The Way of Water presentation. The next iteration of Tree of Life Awakenings should be returning to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in November after daylight savings time ends.

Tree of Life Awakenings – Avatar: The Way of Water

Tree of Life Awakenings Official Description

Witness the majestic centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park as it comes alive at night like never before!

An All-New Nighttime Experience

Watch in wonder when the animal spirits within the great tree awaken during a mesmerizing showcase of colour and light.

After night falls, pay special attention to the Tree of Life at the center of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Approximately every 10 minutes, flickering fireflies magically appear and stir to life the wondrous animals spirits carved into the tree’s towering trunk—bringing to light a stunning visual swarming with vivid colour and animated imagery.

Gaze upon a graceful young doe embarking upon a thrilling journey. Behold love blossoming between a pair of hummingbirds. See a spry fox spreading gifts of love among the denizens of a wintry forest. A feast for the eyes, each revelation celebrates the eternal balance and harmony that exists in all living things, big or small, and is sure to inspire and delight the entire family, big and small.

Please note: Tree of life Awakenings experiences begin after dark and occur approximately every 10 minutes until the park closes.

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