The Different Views of ‘Rogers: The Musical’ – What It’s Like to Sit in Different Sections of the Hyperion Theater to See this New Show

Rogers: The Musical has been open at the Disneyland Resort for less than a week. Since opening on July 30, 2023, fans have been streaming into Disney California Adventure to see this new show at the Hyperion Theater. There are several different ways to see this show. This includes the Rogers: The Musical Premium Viewing Experience, virtual queue (guide here), or the standby queue.

Since the opening of this show, the Daps Magic team has been testing the different ways to see Rogers: The Musical and also the different places to sit. Along with the aforementioned viewing options, there are seating options that include Orchestra, Mezzanine, and also Balcony. Below is a look at what the experience is like for seeing Rogers: The Musical from each of these locations. There are also tips for how to be able to sit in each of these places.

Rogers: The Musical – Orchestra

Seeing Rogers: The Musical from the Orchestra level is a great place to watch and feel almost in the show. The Orchestra level can most easily be accessed through the Rogers: The Musical Premium Viewing Experience or through the virtual queue. For the virtual queue, make sure and enter through the Orchestra queue after getting your pass scanned and then entering the main queue area in the Hyperion Theater Courtyard. This is what the show looks like from the front row that was taken by utilizing the Rogers: The Musical Premium Viewing Experience:

Rogers: The Musical – Mezzanine

The Mezzanine is also a great place to watch Rogers: The Musical. It offers an unobstructed view from a level that is a little bit above the stage. The full experience of watching this show from here is really quite nice. While it isn’t as immersive as being in the Orchestra level, it is very enjoyable. For getting into the Mezzanine, get into the virtual queue at 10:30 AM or 2:00 PM. After getting your pass scanned to enter the queue, hop in the Mezzanine section of the queue in the Hyperion Theater courtyard. Below is a look at what the viewing is like from the Mezzanine that was accessed by utilizing the virtual queue.

Rogers: The Musical – Balcony

The Balcony view of Rogers: The Musical really is the bird’s eye view. This is also the easiest area for getting into the show. It can be done by utilizing the virtual queue or the standby line. In general, it is mostly comprised of those who are utilizing the standby line. To access this area, simply enter the Balcony part of the queue in the Hyperion Theater Courtyard. This view is a little bit high and a little bit far, however, it also is very easy to see the entire show and is by no means a bad view. Here is a look at what it is like to watch Rogers: The Musical from the balcony:

The wonderful thing about the Hyperion Theater is that there really aren’t any bad seats. There are different views and perspectives to be found throughout the theater. Along with the different sections mentioned above, the looks change slightly based on where you sit to the right or left inside the theater as well. Once again, though, pretty much every seat in the theater is good. Keep that in mind when going to see Rogers: The Musical and the whole experience will be more enjoyable. Come in with a plan for where you’d ideally like to see the show and also a backup plan. Then, as you implement the plan remember that the whole theater is filled with good seats, and keep kind as you do your best to get the seats you hope to see the show from.

We hope that this guide is helpful for you when going to see Rogers: The Musical! Share your experiences and tips for seeing this show at the Hyperion Theater in the comments below! Which area is your favorite to watch from? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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