Disney’s Hollywood Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Reopens After Renovation

The art of Disney’s movie-making and storytelling has come alive at the newly renovated Disney’s Hollywood Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. This star-studded hotel is ready to welcome those looking to enjoy the spirit of fantasy, whimsy and movie-making magic, complete with two all-new dining options and a stylish lounge and bar. The lobby and a merchandise shop were also given a fresh look. Beloved stories and characters of Disney’s world-class studios are celebrated at the hotel, while giving touches of Disney legacies and masterpieces that can also be found throughout. Where Hollywood meets Hong Kong, here’s why you should stay at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

The lobby is inspired by Art Deco with a sophisticated and contemporary twist. Behind the front desk, you’ll notice a few fan-favorite characters. Representing three of The Walt Disney Company’s key studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Studios, each portrait is framed in a brass film strip and represents the magic and diversity of Disney stories. There’s even a newly curated list of background music, with upbeat jazz covers of songs from popular Disney movies, adding a sophisticated touch to the contemporary ambiance.

Discover the all-new Ink & Plate Restaurant, a quirky and fun, American style dining experience. The restaurant pays tribute to the women from the Ink & Paint Department at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where talented and dedicated artists have contributed to the inking and coloring of Disney Animation movies and cel artwork since the 1930s. The themes of both ink and paint can be found throughout the dining room, including its chairs with neutral, paper-like colors representing ink on the back and vibrant colors splashed across the front for paint. Ink blobs and animation cel artwork have inspired the tableware and placemats with whimsical designs and a beautiful mural celebrating the creative process of hand-drawn animation covers the dining room wall.

You can also celebrate cinematic excellence at The Archivist. This stylish lounge and bar is reminiscent of an old Hollywood film archive filled with film reels, catalogs and even artifacts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The name of this lounge in Chinese (留映廳) carries a special meaning with its characters representing the words “keeping,” “staying,” “seizing the moment by taking a photo,” “movie” and “reflections.” Not only do these words celebrate the movie nature of the space, but they also honor cherishing time together with dear friends and loved ones.

If you’re looking for merchandise, the contemporary art deco style carries from the lobby into the newly redesigned Celebrity Gifts shop from a starburst carpet to globe pendant lamps above and geometric wallpaper. For a classic touch of Disney, Donald Duck can be found tangled in a film reel. It’s the perfect spot to grab all the goodies before heading home!

A hotel unlike any other, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Now it’s time to celebrate Disney’s art of movie-making and storytelling with us.