Two Captains Log: Star Trek Picard – S3E8 – “Surrender” Review

We are nearing the end of Star Trek Picard and it continues to be quite the ride. Entering into this episode, Vadic has taken over the Titan-A. Riker and Troi are captured on her ship. Jack is troubled by his strange new abilities. As Picard, Crusher, Jack and Sydney discuss how to retake the ship, Jack confesses his new abilities in a strategy to get command back. Riker and Troi, meanwhile are working out some issues while captured. Eventually, Worf is able to spring them out and they with Raffi escape on a cloaked shuttle. Jack attempts to input command codes via his takeover ability, but Vadic discovers him and executes an officer on the bridge. Another planned is hatched using Data/Lore to input command. Before Lore is able to take over and wipe Data out they are essentially combined into a new Data and gain command of the ship. While this is happening, Jack goes to the bridge to surrender but threatens a grenade in order to get the hostages to safety. Seven and Jack stay on the bridge, are able to be safely behind a force field as Data opens a hatch which sends all the bad guys out flying into space. The original Next Gen senior officers are reunited in a touching meeting and figure out what to do next. Troi and Jack delve into his mind to see what is behind the red door, which she senses is an evil presence not Jack but something ancient.

Here we go on our thoughts for it!


Mr. Daps: “As I listened to the music this week all I could think was, ‘I can’t wait for this to be on vinyl!’ It was such a good score and I love how it enhanced the story that was being told. It will definitely be a favorite for a long time.”

Murray: “This was an episode that made me want to listen to the soundtrack. It had a great score that enhanced the episode to feel like a movie.”


Mr. Daps: “This continues to show off how much care is given to this season and series of Star Trek. The ship is awesome, the effects are awesome, and the uniforms/jackets need to be made and sold!”

Murray: “Both Mr. Daps and I continue to love the costumes on the show. They continue to stand out with the various uniforms and jackets. That said, the one problem I had with this episode and maybe this season was the brig that the Rikers were in. I know it had a force field, but I wish it had a bit more to it to indicate that they were trapped.”


Mr. Daps: “This week’s story was awesome. At times it was stressful, at times it was exciting, at times it was beautiful. There was a lot going on and it definitely was an emotional roller coaster watching it. This is a very good thing and I am really looking forward to what happens in the coming two weeks to wrap up the season, story, and season.”

Murray: “The story had excellent pacing and had me on the edge of my seat! The way everything integrated together made it a great plot with a cinematic feel. Things maybe were a little on the nose with some kind of entity.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week was an easy hit. This really was the culmination of what I have wanted as a Star Trek fan for years. I think if I were completely honest, it is exactly what I’ve always hoped we would get from the moment we said goodbye to Star Trek: The Next Generation. There was so much going on and it set up for so much more. I can’t wait for next week!”

Murray: “Huge hit for me! And that moment with the senior staff encapsulated the episode and season. My only critique is the cliffhanger! But, really, it was such a huge plot with huge moments. It really played strengths to the actors and the show. Excellently done!”