Tour Every Bridge of the USS Enterprise via The Roddenberry Archive with William Shatner, John de Lancie, and Terry Matalas

The USS Enterprise is the iconic ship that has been beloved by Star Trek fans for decades. Through the years, there have been multiple iterations of this ship, many of which were explored in this article about all the ships to carry the name Enterprise. For those that want to go deeper into the different iterations of the USS Enterprise, a new project that has come to life thanks to the efforts of The Roddenberry Archive. It is the largest digital archive of Star Trek today and bridges multiple generations of Star Trek with the help of William Shatner (Star Trek), John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Terry Matalas (Star Trek: Picard).

The Roddenberry Archive has created a website where Star Trek fans can tour the bridge of all the different iterations of the USS Enterprise. The website features outside views of the ships, the history of each version of the ship, and a virtual tour of the bridge for most of the ships. Each bridge is presented in the timeline as a 1:1 scale “in-universe” 360 recreation. Fans will even be able to see a look at the bridge of the USS Enterprise-F and USS Enterprise-G from Star Trek: Picard. This includes both the Prime timeline, Mirror Universe, alternate realities, myriad realities, and also the Kelvin timeline. There are also some other notable ships from Starfleet that are included on this website. Currently this only includes the USS Voyager but it appears that more could come later.

The recreations were produced by the Gene Roddenberry Estate, and overseen by iconic Star Trek artists, including Denise and Michael Okuda, authors of The Star Trek Encyclopedia, Daren Dochterman, Doug Drexler and Dave Blass.

There is also a documentary that takes a look at all of the different iterations of the USS Enterprise bridge that is narrated by John de Lancie. This goes from concept sketches to the recently revealed Enterprise-G.

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There are other exciting offerings coming from The Roddenberry Archive as well. One of these offerings takes a look at the events that happened after Star Trek: Generations when the saucer section of the Enterprise-D crashed into Veridian III. This shows Starfleet removing the saucer section and an old friend visiting Captain Kirk’s grave.

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“The Roddenberry Archive portal gives the public a first glimpse into the many years of incredible work done by the archive’s world class production team both in preserving Gene Roddenberry’s legacy in tandem with visually documenting 60 years of Star Trek history in quiescent detail ” said CEO of OTOY and Roddenberry Archive, Jules Urbach. “Through new technology, we can bring audiences back in time as if they were there on set during the making of Star Trek, providing a window into new dimensions of the Star Trek universe,” added Urbach. The team’s efforts to capture Star Trek history in full lifelike detail with the highest degree of historical accuracy is an important milestone in preserving Gene Roddenberry’s vision for future generations to explore and see, through the lens of those that worked with him.”

“Over multiple decades, we have been exploring the frontiers of new technology to how we might document my father’s vision, work and ideas in ways that can be experienced by generations yet to come” said Rod Roddenberry, President of Roddenberry Entertainment. “The Roddenberry Archive is not just a way to honor my father’s legacy, but my mother’s, Majel, as well. She voiced the Enterprise computer for decades. In 2008, before she left us, she meticulously recorded her voice phonetically, with the intent to preserve it for some future technology to bring it back to life. We waited 15 years, and today I am so proud to have her voice, just as I remember it, welcoming visitors to the Roddenberry Archive portal”

There is also a blog and other videos that can be found on The Roddenberry Archive as well. All of this can be found on The Roddenberry Archive website. Some behind-the-scenes photos can also be seen there as well!