Enchant Key Becomes Second Magic Key to Sell Out After Disneyland Resort Resumes Sales

Magic Key

The Enchant Key has joined the Believe Key as only available for renewal after the Disneyland Resort resumed sales of all levels of Magic Keys earlier on Tuesday morning. Guests visiting Disneyland.com/magickey and attempting to purchase Magic Keys shortly after 4:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon found that bothy the Believe Key and the Enchant Key were only available for renewal. The Imagine Key and the Inspire Key are both still available for purchase.

The following notification could be found when entering the queue to purchase a Magic Key:

Enchant Key

  • 4 park reservations at a time
  • 25% off parking at Toy Story Parking Area 
  • 20% discount on Genie+
  • 10% discount on select merchandise
  • 10% discount on select dining
  • Blockout dates found on Magic Key calendar

Price: $699

The remaining two levels of Magic Key both have limited supply and could end up selling out for now as well. Those who wish to renew a Magic Key can still do so. More information about all four level of Magic Keys can be found here. Daps Magic will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available, including when any other level of Magic Keys is sold out.

Were you able to purchase a Magic Key today? How long did you wait? Did you have one already? What level of Magic Key do you have? Share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions in the comments below!

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