Two Captains Log: Star Trek: Picard – S3E6 – “The Bounty” Review

It’s time again for Star Trek: Picard and this was quite the episode (but I might be repeating myself). The Titan is outrunning Starfleet and also lets Worf and Raffi aboard. Crusher reveals to Picard a test run on Jack reveals Irumodic Syndrome is present in him, and he could have years or just months. Back with the Daystrom fiasco, they all plan a heist on the Daystrom Institute to find out what has been stolen by the Changelings. Raffi, Worf, and Riker make it into Daystrom with the key. There they find the security measures are a step ahead of them. At first it’s Moriarty, but looks are deceiving and Riker figures out it’s a hybrid Data/Lore/B4 in a golem body that is acting as security. Meanwhile, the Titan must escape and Picard has them go to the retired fleet station. There Commodore LaForge is happy to try to help, but decides against it knowing it would put his family in danger. Jack and Sydney LaForge realize there’s a Klingon Bird of Prey in the fleet museum and head off to steal its cloaking device. Geordi ends up deciding to help and they all head back to the Daystrom to retrieve the away team. As they’re about to beam them up, security officers break in and Riker fends them off while Raffi, Worf, and Soong times four are beamed up. Riker is kidnapped by Vadic and it’s shown that Troi has been kidnapped by them as leverage. Geordi is able to revive the Soong synthetic android, and it’s revealed that what was stolen was Picard’s remains!

Here we go with our take on this week’s episode…


Mr. Daps: “I absolutely loved the music this week. This was such a solid score that helped move the story along in a very strong way.”

Murray: “About the time I was thinking of the soundtrack because it was staying in my head, Mr. Daps said that it would be released soon. It made me quite excited to know I could listen to it very soon! So, that should explain what I thought of this week’s score.”


Mr. Daps: “This was a fantastic week for design. There were plenty of things to look at including ships, the Spacedock, and the Daystrom institute. It was really awesome to see it all and honestly, I’d love to go frame by frame and see everything up close. Here’s hoping at some point some more artwork from this week’s episode is released!”

Murray: “It was amazing to see so many ships in the fleet museum. And the rendering of them all was spot on. That was perfect to see. Then there is the Daystrom and to see so many nostalgic items there. My only complaint is that it was really dark there, which may or may not make sense. It does with the overall aesthetic, but I don’t know how to feel with so much mood lighting around Starfleet.”


Mr. Daps: “This week was a solid story that had lots of moments that pulled from a lot of my favorite Star Trek. There were moments that felt like Kirk, moments that had a bit of an Indiana Jones feel, some family moments, and a whole lot more. I thought it was also interesting how they are clearly setting up some bigger things in the coming weeks without showing all their cards. Over all, I loved this week’s story and my only complaint was when it ended.”

Murray: “I loved how this was a heist movie, Star Trek style, and woven into a family episode. It was about having a legacy as they examined the LaForge family, Picard family, and even Data’s family. It integrated in with how Starfleet is a family to many of the characters. Overall, the pacing of it was well done too, where I wished it had gone longer just to see more!”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week was a very solid hit for me. It was one of my favorite episodes to date and I loved all the variety of things that happened with different characters. This was a fantastic episode and I can’t wait for next week…although I’ll have to!”

Murray: “A big hit for me. It’s fan candy, but it was done so well. To see the families together and have them all in a heist was great. Plus all the Easter Eggs to be used as plot points was terrific. This might have been the biggest cliffhanger of the season, and it really makes it hard to wait for next week.”