James Cameron Says ‘Avatar 3’ Will Connect with Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

After the success of Avatar: The Way of Water, discussion is now building about the next Avatar film. Creator and director James Cameron is adding to the discussion with his thoughts and opinions about future stories and even future updates in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Now, Cameron is talking about how Pandora – The World of Avatar could influence Avatar 3.

In a recent interview with Deadline Hollywood, Cameron indicated that the land at Walt Disney World could provide some inspiration for characters in the third Avatar film. Specifically, Cameron said that the people would be “desert people…the windtraders that trade, that travel around, that sort of thing.”

The idea to pull inspiration from a Disney park for a movie isn’t a new one. This has been done before by Disney with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the Haunted Mansion movie (and soon to be a new one), and also The Country Bears. There have been varying level of success. Conversely, Disney has also used inspiration from movies to make new lands in its parks as well. In recent years, Pandora: The World of Avatar isn’t the only land being made based off of a movie. There have also been lands based of Star Wars and the Marvel superheroes built around the globe. Currently at Hong Kong Disneyland, a new area is being built based on Frozen franchise.

In the case of Avatar 3 it now appears that inspiration from the movie will come from the land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and then the movie could also update the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction. Cameron shared that after Bob Iger returned to Disney last year he sent an email with the suggestion. While Iger apparently liked the idea, Cameron shared, nothing has been decided on at this point.

What can be confirmed is that James Cameron is thinking about Pandora – The World of Avatar as he continues to build the stories of Avatar through the movies. At this point, the specifics are still unknown. In a world where synergy is important and leads people from the movies to the parks and the parks to the movies it is no surprise at James Cameron is thinking about these types of things. Only time will tell if these dreams turn into reality.

What do you think about Avatar 3 taking inspiration from Pandora – The World of Avatar? What do you think of Avatar Flight of Passage getting updated with ideas from Avatar 3? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!