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Influencing Magic Episode 2: The Origin Story of Mr. Daps & Daps Magic

In this episode, we do a deep dive on the origin story of Daps Magic. Listen along as Mr. Daps takes us through his 19 years of online experiences, lessons learned, major wins, and offers advice for the future.

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Mentioned in this episode:

Drew @GalacticSurplus

Social Media

Instagram: @InfluencingMagic


Youtube playlist:

Mr. Daps Instagram: @MrDaps

Annie’s Instagram: @Its.The.Annie.Show

Special Shoutouts to:

Roger: @rgrrabbit1

Caitlyn: @caitlynnoel

Music Composed by Mr. Daps

Youtube Notes


0:50  We haven’t planned this out

1:20  What’s new with Mr. Daps?

3:10  Mr. Daps is a man of many hats

4:16  What’s up with Annie?

5:50  Mr. Daps, What’s your origin story?

7:10  Starting a yahoo group

8:55  This sounds fun, let’s do it!

10:48  Daps for Disney Magic

11:15  The Ebay Logo

13:15  The Geeks are born

14:11  Everything is content

14:30  This is what we’ve got, how can we do it better?

16:00  Geek’s 13 year record

16:35  Daps gets its first media invite

17:25  It’s fun to do thing with friends

18:19  Dapscast enters the scene

19:10  Keep it simple

20:05  Everything is connected

20:57  Getting a little help from friends

23:00  We are professionals and still know how to have fun

23:35  Daps is run like the Muppets

24:44  Ridiculous Ideas

25:50  Dads are great for advice

26:08  Figuring out the “Why”

27:00  Approaching difficult things

27:36  No relationships, No influence

28:50  What are the biggest lessons learned?

29:28  Doing simple well

29:58  We don’t want an avalanche

31:35  Don’t overextend yourself

32:18  Seasons for everything

33:33  Advice for a low season

35:10  Bigger why than why not

37:21  Didn’t have to give up

37:48  Walt’s great advice

41:50  Keep taking baby steps

43:28  Mr. Daps was a professional Musician

45:04  When not to take advice

45:46  Words of advice going forward

46:27  Star with a dream

47:51  Get a mission statement

49:00  Cooking with Mr. Daps

51:05  It’s okay to fail!

51:38  College thoughts with Mr. Daps

53:14  On not having fun

54:28  Conclusions & Comments

55:20  Social Media & Patreon

55:40  Influence Influencing Magic



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